[WATCH] IRS Whistleblowers To Testify Today On Biden Crime Family

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The United States House of Representative Committee on Oversight and Accountability is holding a hearing today at 1:00 PM EST entitled “Hearing with IRS Whistleblowers About the Biden Criminal Investigation.” The committee will hear testimony from two IRS whistleblowers, Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapely and Criminal Investigator Mr. X. The live stream will be on this Congressional website (you may need to follow a link when it appears).

IRS Whistleblowers Testimony–Shapley

The first IRS whistleblower to testify will be Gary Shapley, a 14 year veteran on the IRS Criminal Investigative team. Shapley has extensive experience in undercover operations and worked on “…some of the largest cases in the history of the agency.”

Shapely will testify that every stage of the Hunter Biden investigation was a Department of Justice (DOJ) sham to protect the Biden’s. For instance, the the DOJ concealed evidence from investigators, “slow walked steps” such as “conducting interviews, serving document requests, and pursuing physical search warrants.” Some of those slow walked steps were even dropped entirely. Even more egregious, when investigator discovered the now infamous WhatsApp messages with CFEC (China CCP energy company) the DOJ would not allow investigators to follow up on the information.

Shapley Testimony
Hunter Biden Laptop Message

Shapley will testify to other irregularities as well, such as denying investigators search warrants due to “optics.” Or tipping the Biden attorney’s off to other investigatory moves, to allow the Biden’s time to hide evidence. Shapley does not have first hand knowledge of how high the corruption goes because investigators were kept out of the loop. However, Shapley does name Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) Lesley Wolf as the DOJ prosecutor.

Shapley will also testify that he did come forward to further an agenda and that he is non partisan. Shapley recognizes that he has put his career and life in jeopardy by doing the right thing and coming forward. In addition, Shapley predicts that he will be used as a “political football” and that some members may attack him “with talking points from an error-riddled letter Biden family attorneys released for that purpose.” That, or use “opposition research” from paid mercenaries. Is Shapley referring to democrats? Time will tell.

IRS Whistleblowers Shapely Testimony

Red Line

Shapley will testify that his “red line” was crossed when Biden’s Attorney General, Merrik Garland, “misled” (lied to) Congress in 2022. Shapley will reveal that Biden’s political appointees, especially U.S. Attorney for D.C. Matthew Graves, were allowed the final decision on prosecuting Hunter Biden.

Shapley will also point out to members of Congress the hypocrisy if they attack him for seeking out a whistleblower attorney, when Biden’s have unlimited and unknown sources paying for a team of attorneys. Shapley will call out the Biden attorneys campaign of intimidation and Fake News outlets like Washington Post for spreading disinformation and trying to manipulate the public.

Whistleblower Shapley

IRS Whistleblowers–Mr. X

The second whistleblower is referred to as Mr. X. Mr. X is a 13 year veteran on the IRS Criminal Investigation unit and comes forward due the “corrosion of ethical standards and the abuse of power that threaten our nation.”

IRS Whistleblower Mr. X

Mr. X’s testimony will detail the crimes committed by Hunter Biden (don’t forget the Big Guy!). In addition, Mr. X will provide some insight into the DOJ and IRS shenanigans and tom foolery. Mr. X will explain why he came forward, the dangers he faces for doing so, and the retaliation by Biden’s henchmen he has already experience. X will urge congressional members to “set aside personal biases [and] political affiliations.

Read through, or listen to Mr. X’s testimony for case details and a complete timeline of events.

It will be very interesting to see how the democrats treat these two whistleblowers today. Will they put aside their extremism and focus on the facts? Or, will they do as Shapley predicts and attack the whistleblowers? Will democrats use misinformation from Fake News and high priced (and free to the Biden’s) prevaricating attorneys? Make your predictions now and we’ll see what happens in about an hour!

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