[WATCH]: Hunter and Comatose Joe on Tape Committing Treason 17 Times!

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In another blow to die-hard liberals, Senator Chuck Grassely revealed today that Comatose Joe and the smartest man he knows, his son Hunter, were recorded 17 times committing Treason. The audio recordings were kept by a Burisma executive as an “insurance policy” as he bribed the Bidens with $10 million. Additionally, the FBI/DOJ knew about the recordings since 2017 and had withheld that information from Congress.

General Mike Flynn reacted to the news by tweeting “Yes, the storm has arrived,” and detailing the current state of the Deep State. Flynn stressed that “#WeThePeople need to rise to the occasion and start to participate in every action and election going on in our communities.

Flynn followed that tweet up with another, pointing to the treasonous activities of the FBI/DOJ who knew of the recordings since 2017. The FBI/DOJ persecuted the Flynn family, the Trump family, and all of America by allowing the Russia hoax and assisting the democrats to steal the 2020 election. Everything about the Biden administration is fake and treasonous. There must be accountability, and Trump is the only one with the fortitude to see that Justice is served on all those that have betrayed the United States of America.

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