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Unity In The Garden Of Good And Evil

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Unity. What does the word mean? What does the word really mean? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word unity as “the quality or state of not being multiple: ONENESS.” Alternative definitions include “a condition of harmony,” and “the quality or state of being made one.” Yet another definition is “a totality of related parts an entity that is a complex or systematic whole.” But there is also the more ominous “continuity without deviation or change (as in purpose or action).”

Unity: The Meanings

So, we have a few choices as to the meaning of “unity”. The public high school I taught at for 27 years in Southern California returned (virtually) to the 2020-21 school year with the motto “Unity.” But nothing felt harmonious about the motto, it felt like more of a “without deviation or change” kind of thing. Wear the mask–don’t deviate (staff lunch table is safe)! Why would anyone not want the vaccine? Here are some PCR tests! Force students to wear their masks–don’t deviate! Social distance! The plastic shields on all the desks are effective at stopping a virus! Push Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion–don’t deviate! Changing gender is just changing a nickname! UNITY! Arggghhhh!

Thus, while there was a move towards the “state of being one,” it was forced. There was less quality associated with the motto in practice than there was harmony. There was no “complex or systematic whole” when the motto was put into action, because there was no equality or diversity of thought. There was, and still is, only the fear based, pre-written narrative pushed by the media (in unison), the tyrannical democrats, and their controlled opposition–establishment Republicans. It doesn’t even matter if the current narrative contradicts yesterday’s narrative, much less last year’s. To veer from that narrative– well, let’s just say that’s when you feel as if you’re in an old Highlander movie wherein the characters scream “there can be only one!” at you…and then cut your head off. Sit down and shut up or comply. Unity!

Unity: The real meaning

I posit a different meaning of “Unity”; a meaning that is not so sad or dystopian. You see, unity should be harmonious and voluntary rather than forced; complex and diverse in thought rather than singular. Unity can be a “totality of related parts,” in purpose without losing each part’s unique individualities. Unity, under God.

I further posit that unity, as described above must pervade society, else we will epitomize, as a Nation, the ass-end of the “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” mantra. We will die and become a new form of Communist. We will exist only to produce energy and wealth for the elite few under a One World Government. Indeed, we are, and have been, nothing more than livestock to those same elite few for quite some time, generating wealth and power. For them, as the linked video will demonstrate.

The Fall

It stands to reason that if we must unite, then we are currently divided. Indeed we are, in every conceivable way. We are divided by race, religion, ethnicity, sex, and economic status. We are further broken down and divided by Democrat vs. Republican, Antifa vs. Patriot Front, Raiders vs. Steelers, Coke vs. Pepsi, Bud-lite vs Modelo, male vs. female…vs. male/female. Ad nauseam. Propaganda, indoctrination, and illusions, the lot of it. Designed to keep us scurrying around like ants with no time to think of anything but our debt, consumer goods, and our divisions. Complete and profitable control.

In reality, there is only one division that is true: Good vs. Evil. God vs. Satan. Does Satan exist? Does the idea of Satan exist? Does it matter what you or I believe, if those that divide and control us through their minions DO believe in Satan? This is where the indoctrinated write me off as a Religious White Supremacist Nationalist Ultra MAGA extremist. If you know such a person, kindly ask them to explain the following convenient coincidences.

Proof is in the Pudding

It is a fact that there are forces that seek to sexualize children, secretively, in the schools, in the public recreation districts, in retail stores, in public libraries–everywhere there is a push to turn children into a different gender identity. I am happy to report that more people realize that today than yesterday. They also realize the horrific state of child-sex trafficking. Just a coincidence then, that the Church of Satan worships a demon that is transsexual, sues to keep abortion legal due to abortions ritualistic sacrifice status, and is able to open after school clubs. But, praying to God, or saying “one Nation, under God” is offensive, as are our historic documents and flags.

If the controlling forces don’t believe in Satan, explain how Lil Nas X was able to go mainstream with a Satan worshiping video and selling Satan Shoes. Explain why the “Grammy’s elite” celebrate Sam Smith’s devil-worshiping performance in 2023. Or the Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremonies, and countless others. Explain the strange Rothschild ceremonies, whose elite foundation money you know (if you clicked the first link) is a owner of Vanguard, which owns Blackrock, which owns just about everything else in the world. Everything trickles down. Look at Bill Gates Marina Abramovic, or Anderson Cooper of CNN (Vanderbilt heir) and his family photos for instance. And keep in mind, there is no pretending when it comes to worshiping Satan.

Anderson Cooper family photo
Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt)-CNN

Back to God

The point is, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me or if I can’t convince you. It doesn’t matter if you believe that Satan exists. It only matters that those that control the majority of the world’s wealth (and their minions) believe that Satan exists.

Enough gloom, let’s get back to unity.

Our unity is different than their unity. As our unity is under God and voluntary, a harmonious light that shines into the darkness of fear. Our unity provides faith and a steel resolve to victor over the panic and mayhem. To regain the freedom that our Forefathers fought and died for, that has since become illusory.

Now for the best news of all: Anyone can join our unity! There are no hoops to jump through, no list of pronouns to remember. Though if you were a tyrant you might want to apologize. To “reawaken” simply recognize the Spiritual War that underlies the Information War we have found ourselves in. Recognize the politicians (democrat and republican), the media, and the leaders in industry and education for the minions they are. Connect with God. Connect with people (maybe a Reawaken Tour) and shine your new-found light for those still in the dark of the garden.

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