Treating Riverside’s COE ‘Equity Pledge’ As A Formative Assessment

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Did you know that the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) has an “Educator For Equity” Pledge? If you didn’t, now you do. The RCOE, of course, is the governing body of all Riverside County (RivCo) school districts, so what they say does matter to some extent. Weak-minded and spineless RivCo school board members seem to take their direction from the also elected RCOE board. More importantly perhaps, is the fact that the RCOE signs the paycheck of all teachers and the bloated bureaucracies of all RivCo school districts.

The pledge itself is complete garbage, as we would expect, but don’t try to tell that to any woke board member, the point will rarely penetrate the cognitive dissonance or the financial interests. Sometimes to talk to the woke, it is necessary to talk in woke.

Formative Assessments, in woke-ology, are assessments given to students over and over and over again, until they master the concept (get the grade they want). So, maybe, if we treat the RCOE Equity Pledge as a formative assessment they’ll understand. In other words, we’ll correct the pledge for RCOE and send it back for a redraft, should they wish to improve their current failing grade. Doubtful, but let’s give it a go anyhow.

Submitted Equity Pledge

First the pledge. Warning: Do not drink or eat while reading.

RCOE Equity Pledge p.1
RCOE equity pledge p.2


Review the mark-up and refer to comments below for guidance.


Equity is a Marxist term often used by communists. Consider replacing with Equality.

Systemic racism— Fallacy. In addition, you are the same ilk that have controlled education for decades, so if this was accurate, you would be to blame. Fox in the hen house comes to mind.

Identity Formation– Not your concern. School is a place for education. Educators are to teach subjects and curriculum that the parents approve of only.

Multicultural— a precursor of CRT and DEI and why we are here now. Again, not your concern. Teach the subjects to all students regardless of what they look like or where they come from.

Definition of Equity— Again, a Marxist term for a made-up (or created by you) problem that has no place in education. The fallacy of your definition results in spurious arguments and acknowledgements.

Bold, deliberate and courageous actions. Good job, this statement is true! However, the actions you refer to are being taken by parents and community members against your policies… and school districts are reporting them to the FBI as domestic terrorists! Revise to recognize the truly bold and courageous.

Influence over state policy— Expand on this. Just how much influence over state policy do you have? How is that influence wielded? Does involve personal financial gain?

Immigration Status— Illegal immigrants should not be gobbling up the resources of tax paying citizens. Period. Full stop.

Social Justice and four points championed— Another made up Marxist term, lose it. Also, your four points are plagiarized from the Community Schools goals, which are egregious enough where they are.


Your original premise is erroneous, thus all of your claims are spurious. Current grade is an F, or to translate into current educational parlance, a 🙁

Two choices are available to you to achieve a passing grade.

  1. 1. Turn this into an apology letter and apologize for the damage you have done. Consider that the RCOE board and the Superintendent, collectively, have over 130 years experience in education. Many of the board members served as school board members and one on the California School Board Association (CSBA). The CSBA is a child organization of the NSBA which conspired with the Biden crime family to label parents and community members as domestic terrorists.
  2. 2. Find a new premise and make new claims. This would require an entirely new paper. Number 1 is your best option.

Please submit you redraft by the 2024 election season. Be aware you are running out of time and may not have more than one additional opportunity to master this concept.

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