The Information War: “…by their fruit”

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By John Parker

“You will know them by their fruit” Matt 7:16

Information War

Decades ago the phrase was coined “information wars”. I’m not sure who to attribute its origin to but it’s undeniable that there are diametrically opposed forces at work to control not just this country but the world. Regardless of its origin we are engaged in a full blown world war and the stakes have never been higher. Almost everything you see and hear in the mainstream media is either out and out lies or an attempt to spin the narrative to one side or the other. If you are not familiar with the term the Great Reset start here with Klaus Schwab and end here with Michael Rectenwald.

In 2013 Obama signed a law legalizing propaganda dissemination to the American public. Even an Atlantic Magazine article’s explanation of the new law is a confusing attempt to spin its real meaning.

Recent revelations in the “twitter files” make clear the alphabet agencies fed information to big tech platforms and directed them to delete or control narratives that didn’t suit their purposes. The “news” media is complicit as well. Not only do they follow the lead supplied by their agency handlers but they have the added bonus of answering to their advertisers not the least of which is Big Pharma promoting the latest jab or pill for conditions probably caused by the last round of “prescribed” medication. 

Only the most gullible, indoctrinated or hypnotized citizen believes what they see and hear on line or on TV but make no mistake they have pulled out all the stops to get you to believe their lies or dance to their spin. This is as serious as it gets, in fact the future of the country and the world is at stake. It might not be a nuclear bomb landing in San Francisco, it’s worse!


So how do we know who’s telling the truth? “You will know them by their fruits”. It’s not only what information you are given, it’s what has been omitted. Also when words are used where the meaning is never explained the flags should go up. A great example is “diversity, equity and inclusion”. You will notice no one ever explains what those words mean. They sound good but what do they mean or better yet what don’t they mean. 

No one would disagree that America is the most “diverse” society in terms of race, ethnicity, religions and languages on the planet. And yet we are told we need more diversity. What you’re not told is in effect it means a quota system in every segment of our society. When the government mandates racial or gender diversity in companies, universities or government agencies what they don’t tell is if you are not the right race or gender you can and will be discriminated against. 

People fought and died to end discrimination but in the last couple of decades it has come roaring back devouring our sense of unity! Need proof, watch the commercials on TV or the races of the characters in movies. Diversity is good, mandated quotas and pandering is insulting and frankly boring. 


Equity and inclusion are another form of discrimination from the same tree. If you force equal outcomes on the one hand you stifle ambition and creativity, limiting the ability to succeed on the other. If you mandate who and where someone must be included we have become a Marxist or more to the point a communist country. DEI is another form of communism. (On a side note: at one point I was in charge of having products made in China. I can tell you from first hand experience that workers in a communist country are moved around and treated like cattle and are not happy people!)

Before you report me to your nearest “fact checker”, do a little research as to the origin of CRT (critical race theory), intersectionality, DEI or better yet ask your recent college graduate why they hate this country so much. They have been eating the fruit of the communist tree. 

America as founded is not winning the information war. Most of us don’t want to believe that there are people who live in this country, work in its institutions and teach our children who hate this country and want to destroy it.

“You will know them by their fruit”!

Fortunately there is an alternative to the madness and confusion. “If you abide in my word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free”.

John 8:31-32 

The real truth has always been and will be true forever. Deep inside we all desire the truth that resonates with our heart and results in Peace and Freedom! God the Father will welcome you home.

This article first appeared in “A questionable response”

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