The Gender Propaganda Train from Hell and the Heartbreaking Road of DeTransitioning

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Anyone that has been a parent, a teacher, or even a kid at one point, knows one indisputable fact: Kids don’t always have the best of judgement, nor do they always make good decisions. Would this make children more or less susceptible to manipulation? What would motivate an adult to manipulate, or capitulate to, a child? What happens to those kids once they are put on the train to full gender transition? What fuels that train from confused teenager to surgically altered adult? Most importantly, what happens to the kids that jump off the train and DeTransition?

For background, we know from previous articles that the State of California agrees with the assessment of children and decision making, as they have referenced the above fact when passing (and signing into law) the PEACE Act. In section 2 (b) of the law, which requires peace officers to obtain a 4 year college degree before becoming a cop, California asserts that current neuroscience and scientific evidence proves that indisputable fact about kids. From the State of California:

Yet every staff member of every school in the state must abide California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) of 2016. The CHYA demands that all staff recognize, with warm embraces, all gender changes, name changes, and pronoun changes of any K-12 student, as determined by the student and a designated adult from the district. The student and designated adult also decide if the parents should be informed and communicate that decision to the staff.

Yeah, I know. Don’t look at me I just write here. California State Assemblyman and current candidate for US House (CA-3) Kevin Kiley couldn’t even make sense of it. California Congress has a Democrat supermajority so any sane voice, like Kiley, is simply drowned out.

Christopher F. Rufo reported about this train, called a “school-to-clinic-pipeline,” just over a month ago. Rufo obtained documents that showed “troubling collaboration between gender activists at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and school administrators throughout the Chicago area.”

The documents showed that the hospital “provided materials to school leaders promoting radical gender theory, trans activism, and sexually explicit materials.” Any guesses on where curious students ended up?

The materials were passed off as “training documents”, and you can follow the above link to read more about the training materials designed to feed egos and make recipients to feel good and smart, but here is a peice:

…encourages teachers and school administrators to support “gender diversity” in their districts, automatically “affirm” students who announce sexual transitions, and “communicate a non-binary understanding of gender” to children in the classrooms. The objective, as one version of the presentation suggests, is to disrupt the “entrenched [gender] norms in western society” and facilitate the transition to a more “gender creative” world.”

In essence, Rufo found evidence of “a profoundly disturbing collusion between radical gender activists in the medical system and the public school bureaucracy.”

“They have laundered the promotion of queer theory, synthetic sexual identities, and child sex toys under the guise of “health and education,” devoting significant resources toward building what policy analyst Leor Sapir has called a school-to-clinic pipeline.”

“The process is simple: children learn about and adopt “gender expansive” identities in schools, which then direct them to gender clinics that can provide puberty blockers, hormone therapies, surgeries, and drug regimens that often add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs over time.”

Closer to home, in Encinitas Union School District, a “QUEERFEST” halloween party/drag show invite was sent to all students and parents in the district. The event was sponsored by a gay bar, and… you guessed it, a “gender reassignment surgery center.”

Drag show invitation sent to students and parents

So what is the motive for such manipulation and propaganda? Profit? Lust for power? Sense of superiority? “Following orders”? Clearly pharma is the train, fueled by propaganda, with surgery clinics the destination. Who profits? Who receives “grants”?

School staff nationwide have already been conditioned to accept just about anything a child says through new and edgy theories such as “Social Emotional Learning” (SEL)—just one of many current buzzwords/theories in education. Consulting companies are raking in millions of dollars “training” school staff in cultural marxist ideology couched in warm and fuzzy labels. Indeed, both students and staff are bombarded with SEL in the form of mental health surveys, “training” and classes (for staff), and health apps. Data collection.

Social Emotional Learning is just another tentacle of the Critical Race Theory octopus, and which to this day school boards and administration across the land insist are not taught in schools (semantics, since the theory isn’t taught, it is embedded in everything). Because they say so. Even in the face of everyone knowing the contrary.

Social Emotional Learning was the guise that the Desert Sands Unified School District used to direct suicidal youth to the Trevor Project, which led to TrevorSpace and chat rooms for Furies (identify as an animal), Littles (adults that identify as kids), and a host of other perversions, including adult men looking for teenage boyfriends.

screenshots of TrevorSpace

We should pause and give thanks to Celeste Fiehler (Patriot extraordinaire and now running Moms For Liberty in Riverside County), for sussing this out on the district website, and then calling the district out on it and getting the link removed.

The point is, at the contact level with the student, in the school, teachers and staff will either be activists, brainwashed into the belief that they are doing the best thing, or be afraid of threatened by state law (CHYA) charges of harassment and discrimination. Unless they quit the profession altogether, which many have done. Not many at that level—not in the school and not in the district administration— will risk it all by not putting the kid on the train to the clinic.

Make no mistake, the start of the gender transition journey is akin to the fanfare that accompanied the launch of the Titanic. Activists, both in person and online, will cheer the transitioning child through the entire process. The cheering will continue until surgery makes the transition complete, or until the child manages to escape their clutches somewhere along the road. At those points, all cheering stops.

Brad Jones of the Epoch Times has covered many stories of detransitioners, each and every one is heartbreaking.

The story of detransitioned Chloe Cole is nothing short of jaw dropping and the courage of this young lady is awe-inspiring to behold. See for yourself.


Wow, huh? On Pharma at twelve years old! Elective double mastectomy at 15! The parents going along because they are told Chloe will commit suicide if they don’t. The doctors giving out puberty blockers like halloween candy. The surgeons performing life-altering procedures on children. The corruption of the soul that greed brings to those involved with the “pipeline,” knowingly and willingly, must be ugly and dark indeed.

Chloe has recently started a website called Detrans United, “…a group of former transgender-identifying youth and adults who have come together to voice our dissent against “gender affirming care,”  influence policy, and provide a network of support for detransitioners.” Please visit and bookmark that website (, I have a feeling it will grow into something much bigger, something that will help protect the children of this nation.

Below is a letter detransunited wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

detransunited letter to AG page 1
detransunited letter to AG page 2

To the teachers, administrators, school board members, and other school district staff out there: Now you know. Stop it. Stop feeding children to the pharma-train. In many cases You are on the frontline. You have a choice. You must put aside what your peers may think of you, what the propaganda machine has fed you. Even if, in the scheme of things, your singular refusal to call “Bobby” “Cindy” does not stop the train, you must stop. You are not alone unless you make yourself be alone. So be bold and be loud in your refusal—let others know you’re out there, don’t be a silent martyr.

To those that profit off the train, be you in schools, mental health, pharma, or medical: ….. I have nothing that is fit to print for you.

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