Stranger Danger Part 2: Do Taxpayers Pay For California Children’s Trust Propaganda?

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In the article “Stranger Danger: The Lefist Quest For Your Children’s Heart and Mind” last week, we discussed the origination of the “statewide initiative trust” organization, California Children’s Trust (CCT). CCT, whose stated goal is to have Medical provide mental health care for school children, which opens up a niche market, and access to kids, for woke school counselors. The start of CCT was dubious, with start up monies coming from shady funds managed by Clinton-nites and Biden-nites. Fund managers known for democrat dark money and dirty tricks like propping up fake organizations to push public opinion. Not to mention the fact that CCTs vision went from “fledgling” to fully funded in six months. So, the question we must ask: Is CCT actually one of New Venture/Sixteen Thirty Fund’s fake, propaganda peddling organizations, set-up to influence policy?

New Venture dark money shenanigans

Where art thou, CCT?

In Stranger Danger Part I, we learned from Northern California Grantmakers that CCT received funding from: “New Venture Fund with initial funding from the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Genentech, McKenzie Foundation and Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission.”

Interestingly, CCT does not appear in the IRS 990 Forms of any of those foundations/organizations, for either 2018 or 2019. The only place evidence was found of CCT’s existence, and more importantly, money received, was from the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (“the commission”), run by the State of California. You don’t even have to go any farther than reading the link on this one,, but go check them out if you like.

While an actual ledger entry was not located, there are clues in the commission’s agendas and minutes on how much money the CCT received to push it’s left-of-center (to say the least!) scheme on the rest of the state. A scheme that will have “most” children accessing mental health counselors, and a scheme that already has woke counselors-in-training waiting in the wings, anticipating the access.

Come take a dig with me, I have plenty of shovels to spare!

Taxpayer on the hook?

A search of the commission’s website for the terms “Alex Briscoe” and “California Children’s Trust” reveals that Briscoe had one contact with the commission before appearing before them in July of 2019 to request a grant. That contact was in 2017, and in the form of a letter for an organization called The Tipping Point Community.

The next discernible contact that Alex Briscoe had with the commission was in July of 2019, representing CCT and presenting a funding proposal for children’s mental health. Before the presentation the commission’s executive director (Ewing) stated that the CCT had received start-up funds from them in 2018, although no amount was divulged. From what we have gleaned thus far, the commission is the only CCT start-up funds source that we can trace.

Briscoe informed the commission that “California could transform the way it approaches the social and emotional health of children with a multibillion-dollar investment on existing state expenditures.” Oh free money, yippee-yay. But wait, there’s more! According to Briscoe, we should reimagine mental health care and instead think of it “like an immunization – something that most children should receive.” Left unsaid: At School.

Public Comments

It is during the public comment portion of that 2019 meeting that we get an idea of the taxpayer funds Briscoe was asking for. We should pause to wonder why CCT would need taxpayer money if they had the backing of organizations (collectively) worth hundreds of millions. Nonetheless, a comment does inform us that Briscoe had asked for $500,000 at that meeting.

Another member of the public commented on how it was improper for an individual to appear before the commission (again) asking for funding.

The executive director (Ewing) brushed that concern off by, of all things, fanboying over Alex Briscoe and CCT. Ewing gushed that they had been “asked to sit next to Mr. Briscoe and present to the Assembly Education Committee,” and that Briscoe’s scheme was getting “a lot of interest and traction.” Then, Ewing revealed the plan, the target is kids in school.

Unanswered Qs.

So, what are we missing? CCT supposedly got start-up funds from several far left democrat dark money foundations and organizations, but there is no evidence of that. Those foundations had been involved in setting up fake organizations before, in order to steer public policy and cost taxpayers. The only evidence we can find of CCT getting any funds, is from a taxpayer funded commission. The stated goal of CCT, and the commission, is to have the taxpayer invest multi-billions of dollars in order to provide mental health counselors to “most” schoolchildren.

Perhaps a “statewide initiative trust“–a term Briscoe consistently uses to describe CCT–is some form of organization exempt from filing forms and holding meetings? I am by no means an expert on such things. There may be a reasonable explanation. As it stands now, we don’t know much more about CCT than we did before, except that they are beneficiaries of our (the taxpayers) largess, and they give a lot of presentations on policies that will cost taxpayers billions. Beyond that, as the rock band (The Who) once sang, CCT “who are you, who are you, are you, are you?

And with that earworm, I bid you adieu.

Update: Post publication I ran across this 2020 presentation. Protect your kids!

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