State Department Employs “Highly Ideological Activists'” To Control The Narrative.

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Media outlet ZeroHedge published a report yesterday, based on FOIA documents, that details how the US Department of State utilizes a “hyper-partisan” coordinated “international cadre of censorship czars” to determine what the population is allowed to speak and believe. The network “includes the Global Engagement Center (GEC) and the Poynter Institute – which runs PolitiFact.” The Poynter Institute has received funding from both the Soros’ Open Society foundations and a State Department-funded group.

The FOIA documents, obtained by America First Legal (AFL), were first detailed on June 14 in Twitter posts. America First Legal exposed a “secret list of journalists pushing propaganda on behalf of the US govt,” as AFL continues “to uncover the dark truth about the Global Engagement Center (GEC).”

The gang of eleven represented outlets and regions such as Politifact, the Philippines, the Associated Press, Turkey, India, Lead Stories (fake Facebook/Meta fact checkers), Argentina, Ghana, Greece, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Quite a line-up, isn’t it?

The report continues:

Key Takeaway: The global cabal of “fact-checkers” do not appear to be the benevolent truth-seekers they say. They appear to be highly ideological activists, affiliated through the Poynter network, backed by the same money to say the same thing.

Their claim of independence is farcical. Independent means free from the influence of others. But as we will see, all fact checkers claim the credential of IFCN, a Poynter-backed organization that gives them their ‘legitimacy’ to influence content moderation online.

The report continues, and details the extreme communist bias of the “journalists” (Journ-O-List 2.0?) that are on the receiving end of our tax money to gaslight the hell out of us. Which, is par for course from the crime family that currently occupies and seems to conjure up schemes to launder our money back to themselves.

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