“Sound of Freedom”: Movie Review, No Spoilers

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Jim Caviezel’s new movie “Sound of Freedom“, based on the true story of DHS agent Tim Ballard, was released on July 4th. The release date on America’s Independence Day is rather symbolic, considering the film was ready for release five years ago. Hollywood and the powers that be did everything it could to prevent the release of the film. Hollyweird’s reaction is odd, considering the film is about pedophiles and child traffickers, and clearly points to the fact “elites” are involved in the multi-billion dollar industry. I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers.

The Review

Well, that last sentence just threw a wrench in the works… how to write this without spoiling it? Let’s see. So, Tim Ballard was a DHS agent working on crimes against children. Ballard was putting pedophiles in prison, but became frustrated when he realized he hadn’t actually saved any children. Sure, he put pedophiles away, thus curbed the distribution of child pornography, but the abused and exploited kids remained out there. The movie is an account of what he did about that.

Sad Facts

But there are more important issues than the specific plot of the movie–see how I’m not spoiling? Particularly important, is the fact that child trafficking is the second most profitable criminal activity in the United States, behind the drug trade. In fact, according to the DEA, the two illicit trades often go hand-in-hand. Cartels will use the women and children they are trafficking to smuggle drugs.

In fact, there are an estimated “27 million modern slaves world-wide.” Funny (and not haha funny) how Gavin Newsom’s task force doesn’t talk about reparations for any of them. Or even saving them for that matter, nay Newsom gives “sanctuary” to the smugglers. But I digress.

Reports indicate that “50% of the victims are children and 80% are women or girls.” Profits from the illicit human slave trade in upwards of $32 billion a year. Go to YouTube and search “children abduction”, and you may start to get an idea after watching some clips like this.

Speaking of YouTube and Big Tech, don’t forget that Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram have all held similar distinctions. Like being websites most used by pedophiles, child abusers, and child exploiters. Think on that for a minute. In 2021, the below meme actually got me a 30-day suspension from Facebook, the second I posted it. Yet, somehow pedophiles were able to slip their child porn content by Big Tech using code words like “cheese pizza” and “chicken”, and similar secret hashtags. Okaaaaay…. Where is that confounded bridge and is it for sale?


It’s easy to write people like Mel Gibson off, because the media did such a good job of peddling him as an antisemitic conspiracy theorist. Same with conspiracy theorists peddling facts about adrenochrome right? After all, “independent fact checkers…” and all that. But then you go do a google search and surprise what you find. More surprising than a fairy wearing boots dancing with a dwarf–the conspiracy theorists were right. Again.

How many more evil human beings like Epstein and Maxwell are out there? How many more islands, or mansions, or ranches, or forests, do elitists own where they peddle children and blackmail their also elitist clientele? Are any of our elected officials among the clientele? Would they tell us if they were? How many Tim Ballards would it take to find them all?

These questions and more may come to your mind after watching “Sound of Freedom,” but I can guarantee two things you will experience: tears and outrage. Pray.

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