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Settlement Project Conference “Tradition and Family” Coming to LA in April

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The Settlement Project, a tax exempt organization, has a “Tradition and Family: Values for a Healthy, Stable, Strong America” conference scheduled for Saturday, April 29, 2023, at the Downey Community Center. The conference will feature a panel discussions on “Church, School and  Community: Who’s Safeguarding America’s Values?” and “Leadership and the Hispanic Vote.” Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute, will present “Protecting our Freedoms” during the provided (to attendees) lunch.

The conference is co-sponsored by:

Contact Jack Ashworth at for more information.

About Settlement Project

According to their website,, the Settlement Project strives to expose “emerging manifestations and extensions of early Communism for what they are, and working to counter them wherever they appear.” The Settlement Projects priorities are two-fold: “Countering the damage done to free societies by Cultural Totalitarianism,” and “countering the influence and activity of the Chinese Communist Party.”

The Invitation

“Tradition and Family: Values for a Healthy, Stable, and Strong America” [Invitation]

Dear Fellow Patriot,

We write to invite you to the 2023 Settlement Project meeting entitled Tradition and Family: Values for a Healthy, Stable, Strong America, on Saturday, April 29, 2023, 10 am – 3 pm, in the Gallatin Room at the beautiful Downey Community Center – 7810 Quill Dr. Downey, CA.  Lunch will be served for registered conference participants.

America is home to all the world’s cultures. Each culture treasures its beautiful ideals of unity, peace, compassion, and decency.  Yet secular forces are waging a persistent attack on our most valued tradition, the beauty and necessity for wholesome families.  This attack seeks to undermine the moral integrity that is needed to have a compassionate society in which we strive to live for the sake of others and maintain an abundance of trust in the future for our children.

The continued assault on American goodness leaves impressionable young people confused and even made hostile to ideals of family, constructive life and patriotic gratitude for America. Many now work resolutely to overtake and corrupt America’s core institutions of life.

The goal of the Settlement Project is to unify people and organizations in support of the God-affirming ideals that have made America good and oppose those who seek to promote animosity and division based on race and sexual identity. We emphasize our common cause with those who seek to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as in the founding spirit of America.

The Settlement Project combines compassion with philosophical clarity in an unwavering commitment to the fulfillment of the ideals on which this nation was founded.  We seek to recover America’s beauty and its God-given greatness and strength. Among the areas of focus are; parents’ rights in education, safety in our communities, strengthening of the family, support for religious liberty and opposition to the shift toward Godlessness and moral degradation. Co-sponsors include Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, Heritage Action and Affirm America.

At this conference you will make acquaintances with leaders like yourself in our Southern California region.  Settlement Project meetings are not built for audiences to listen to speeches. All participants are engaged. These meetings help prepare us for the good we must continue to do in our quest for people to live unhampered in our God-given freedoms. The cost of the event is covered by its sponsors and is complementary to you.

Sincerely,  Jack Ashworth

Socal Coordinator, Settlement Project invitation

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