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San Francisco: Deporting Fentanyl Dealers Would Be Racist & Violate Sanctuary

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San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton informed her constituents at a rally recently that selling the deadly drug Fentanyl should not be grounds for deportation anywhere in the United States, claiming doing so would violate Sanctuary City Ethics, would be racist, and is only being considered because white people are dying.

In an article by Brad Jones of the Epoch Times, we learn that the rally, on February 28, was to oppose a proposal by fellow Supervisor Matt Dorsey, that would “ add fentanyl crimes to a list of violent crimes the city uses for cooperating with ICE.

Walton told her crowd that “you cannot violate sanctuary policy for any reason. It goes against the morals of our fabric here in San Francisco, and it also allows people who don’t share our values to persecute people that need us the most.” Walton dismissed the fentanyl crises because “there’s been a drug issue in this country for a very long time.” Further, Walton claimed “there’s no way we’re going to stand by and allow people to say that one race or immigrants are responsible for these fentanyl deaths.

Walton, perhaps figuring if you’re going to be racist you might as well give it 100%, made the claim that “People are going crazy over fentanyl because we’re starting to see more white people die from this drug. Where the hell were these people when my mothers and my grandmothers were on crack?

It is unknown if anyone pointed out that Joe Biden, at least, was sponsoring a crime bill to put Walton’s mothers and grandmothers on crack in prison. Doubtful.

Read the complete story at the Epoch Times.

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