Reawaken America Tour Hits Vegas!

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Reawaken America tour hits Las Vegas in August, and there are still 998 tickets available, as of two days ago. The event bills as a “REVERSE DAVOS,” referencing the self-styled masters of the universe WEF members. Put another way, the tour is the Bible vs. Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset. The Great Reset, would have us all owning nothing, eating bugs, living in shipping containers, and being happy… or dead.

Featured speakers include, or have included, Mel K, Dr. Stella Immanuel, Kash Patel, Liz Crokin, Peter McCullough, Jonathan Isaac, Jim Breuer, Mike Lindell, General Michael Flynn, and oh so many more! Visit the tour website for a complete list of speakers and events.

There is much information on the Reawaken website, but scroll down from the landing page to find the subject section. Each button will take you to specific information on topics ranging from Anthony Fauci to Marina Abramovic. Quite interesting.

Tickets are very reasonably priced, and even offers very low priced “scholarship” tickets for those suffering from Bidenomics. Guests are encouraged to stay at the Trump International Hotel, which also has very reasonably priced rooms.

Those interested in tickets can contact James Aita directly at 732-439-3840, or follow the links on the website.

Watch for more information:

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