Trump in the way
Trump in the way

President Trump To Biden: “My Turn!”

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President Trump took the “acceptable political rhetoric” gloves off, and smacked them soundly against Comatose Joe’s vacant face. Remember the vapors the legacy suffered when then candidate Trump mentioned Killary and jail in the same sentence back in 2015. The media/FBI lectured that Presidential candidates should be free from investigation (while they spied on Trump) and the retribution of a weaponized government. And it worked on the sleeping public, who would see any investigation of Killary during the Trump administration as “weaponizing government.”


That was then, this is now; how times have changed! We have witnessed, under the plethora of crime families that flourish under the current “administration,” the complete weaponization of the United States Government against the We, The People–they are just starting with Trump. We’re next. Hell, I spoke out at school board meetings and led a recall of school board members, the FBI is probably reading this right now, the school district is.

In any case, Trump has had enough. If the deep state can attack President Trump over and over and over, for absolutely nothing, then the gloves must come off! The deep state already knows what it is playing for and they know they’re losing the information war–you reading this right now is a won battle in that war– and they are in a panic. It’s time the American people realize it too, though most Americans, and certainly MAGA, realize it already. And, with Trump’s record of “promises made, promises kept,” America will believe. Here was Trump’s message, shot out from Truth Social today.

America needs her Republic back, so thank you Jack Smith, Garland, the FBI, and most of all you, Comatose Joe, you just weaponized not just President Trump, but all Americans who will not sit back down. Meanwhile the crime families all just became, collectively, the doomed loser on the other end of a Liam Neeson phone call.

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