Poll Shows Most Americans Know the MSM Are Liars

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald took to twitter over the weekend and broke down how a Harris-Harvard poll “conclusively demonstrates” that the “liberal corporate media” are not aligned with American’s views. Greenwald stated that the media suppresses American’s views: “It’s not just that corporate media rejects Americans’ views. They don’t permit those views to be heard.”

For instance, the majority of Americans know that the Russian collusion hoax was just that, a hoax. A hoax paid for by Hillary Clinton, and acted on by Obama and Biden.

Most Americans also know that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. A fact covered up by the Intelligence Community (51 members specifically) and the media. Americans are aware that the Bidens are a crime family as well.

It does not surprise Americans that the FBI corrupted it’s power to interfere with the 2020 election, and most have “serious doubts” as to Joe’s mental acuity.

What’s so striking here,” Greenwald summed up, is “…that the views held by majorities are all but banned on NBC, CNN, NYT and WPost.”

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