Patriots Brave Deep Blue Palm Springs to Celebrate President Trump’s Birthday and Flag Day

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A group of Patriots from the greater Coachella Valley, including several from the higher altitude Yucca Valley, participated in a 17-mile car parade in honor of President Trump’s birthday and Flag Day yesterday.  Palm Springs, for those unaware, is deep blue and has a self-identified transgenders on the City Council and even a guaranteed income for those that identify as transgender to support their pretend world.

Twenty odd cars took part in the parade, which wound its way along Highway 111 through downtown Palm Springs, through Cathedral City and Rancho Mirage, took a slight detour down the historic El Paseo shopping district in Palm Desert and ended at the BabaLoo Lounge in Palm Desert. Participants mostly enjoyed positive reactions from the pedestrian traffic along the route. Although a few hateful, presumably liberal, pedestrians flew the middle finger at the parade, most participants enjoyed fist pumps and thumbs up signals from the surprised public. One participant reported that a lady pulled up next to him in downtown Palm Springs and while he was expecting vitriol when she rolled down the window, he was instead greeted by a thumbs up and the exclamation “We cannot have another four years of Biden!”

video by Mike Phillips.  See more on Facebook.

One man walking along the highway in Palm Springs in a dress and carrying a shopping bag in each hand seemed indifferent, neither waving nor flipping off the parade participants.

Support for the parade increased as they headed towards the redder city of Palm Desert at a sensible 25 mph with lights on and flags flying. Horn honking and President Trump’s iconic thumbs up increased, and several non-participant cars slowed down to converse and show support to the parade participants.

The parade was organized by Toni Ringlein, founder of the Unite911 group that draws support from the Coachella and Yucca valleys. Ringlein has organized many events in the past, including other car parades, voter registration outreach, and FreedomFest rallies. The first FreedomFest rally occurred in 2020 before the rigged Presidential election and featured music and speakers that were running for federal, state, and local offices. A second FreedomFest in the works for October of 2024 in the Palm Desert Civic Center Park and will partner with New California and Alpha Media Palm Springs. See the Unite911 website for further information and sponsorship opportunities.

The parade participants enjoyed camaraderie with old friends and made new ones at the Babaloo Lounge, which was decked out in American flags and Trump gear. Participants reported overwhelmingly to be looking forward to the next event, though are very concerned about the declining state of the United States of America and California under the disastrous policies of Mr. Joe Biden, Mr. Gavin Newsom, Democrats and Uniparty Republicans.

Eyes are wide open to the two-tiered justice system- hallmarks of banana republics and totalitarian regimes throughout history—and the unabashed and yet unpunished corruption of the Biden Crime Family which trickles down all the way to the local level. Such corruption is also a hallmark to banana republics. Still, participants stay confidant that Trump will be successful in 2024 and that hope remains, not for “our democracy” as the corruptors parrot, but for our unique Constitutional Republic.

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