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Mini-Tyrant Gav Signals His Brownshirts to Hit School Board Trustee.

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California’s version of Justin Trudeau, wannabe mini-tyrant Gav “the man” Newsom, utilized his stochastic terrorism by dog-whistling for his Brownshirts to target a Southern California school board trustee. And why, pray tell, would Gav do such a thing? Why, because the trustee doesn’t agree with Gav’s satanic-driven agenda targeting the children in his care, and he dared ban a book about a leftist politician that had a predilection for teenage boys and supported Jim Jones.

The Offense

The board trustee is Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD) Board President, Dr. Joseph Komrosky. The offense was not allowing a book about the leftist politician, Harvey Milk, to be used in the elementary school classroom, and identifying Milk as a pedophile. Gav also got an assist from California State Senator Scott Wiener, who is infamous for authoring or supporting just about every piece of legislation that targets the children of our great Nation. Since California “legalized” the kidnapping of children from other states with the passage of SB-107, politicians of Newsom’s and Wiener’s ilk are a danger to the entire United States of America.

Komrosky made the statement at a TVUSD board meeting last week when the board “voted 3-2 to reject an elementary school social studies book that contained information about… gay rights figure Harvey Milk,” according to this propaganda outlet’s report. And with that, the wannabe tyrants jumped on Twitter to signal their shock troops of the next target. As you can see, the frontline of brownshirts–those that identify themselves as journalists (rather than propagandists)–got the message.

Stochastic Terrorism

Stochastic Terrorism is a projectionist term made up by Democrats in order to demonize and attack Republicans. But the Marxists will never admit that it applies to all of the mass shooters that leftist rhetoric has produced. From the Senate softball field to the Christian school in Tennessee, events prove that the Democrats, and their accomplices in the legacy media, are the most common practitioners of stochastic terrorism.

Newsom took to Twitter Saturday to call Komrosky out by name, ominously tweeting “Congrats Mr. Komrosky you have our attention. Stay tuned.” Newsom’s tweet clearly demonstrates that he intends to bring the full power of the legacy media, state government power, and perhaps even antifa, to bear against TVUSD.

Sen. Scott Wiener threw himself into the fray, tweeting “the school board president relied on the oldest slander against LGBTQ people.” What are the odds that antifa shock troops show up at the next TVUSD board meeting?

Harvey Milk

The issue the Marxists seem to have is that Harvey Milk was referred to as a pedophile. Neither Newsom or Wiener actually deny that Milk was a pedophile. Nor do they present any evidence that Milk was not a pedophile, so why don’t we go dig?

What is a Pedophile?

Wow, was that dirt soft! Go do a search and see how much information shows up on Harvey Milk and his known predilection for young teenage boys. The left actually does not deny that Milk preferred teenage boys, instead they try to normalize the practice. Just as the left tries to normalize pedophiles by referring to them as “Minor Attracted Persons,” or “MAPS.” The left tries to argue that the term “pedophile” really refers to those adults that are sexually attracted to kids UNDER the age of 14. Here is a pretty thorough thread on the history of Harvey Milk, wherein his relationships are documented.

Harvey Milk with 16 year old lover

So, what does the FBI have to say about pedophiles that prefer older teenagers? Individuals like Jeffrey Epstein, who did not kill himself? Is there a difference between them and those that target younger teens and kids?

Thank you for asking! In an article titled “Child Predators: The Online Threat Continues to Grow,” from 2011 it appears that the FBI considers you a pedophile even if you target older teenagers. A few quotes from that article (emphasis mine):

“It’s an unfortunate fact of life that pedophiles are everywhere online,” said Special Agent Greg Wing, who supervises a cyber squad in our Chicago Field Office.

“When a young person visits an online forum for a popular teen singer or actor, Wing said, “Parents can be reasonably certain that online predators will be there.”

Pedophiles go where children are. Before the Internet, that meant places such as amusement parks and zoos. Today, the virtual world makes it alarmingly simple for pedophiles—often pretending to be teens themselves—to make contact with young people.”

Even without being someone’s “friend” online, which allows access to one’s social networking space, pedophiles can see a trove of teenagers’ personal information—the town they live in, the high school they attend, their favorite music and TV programs—because the youngsters often post it for anyone to see.”

“Those seeking face-to-face meetings create bogus identities online, sometimes posing as teenagers. Then they troll the Internet for easy victims—youngsters with low self-esteem, problems with their parents, or a shortage of money. The pedophile might find a 14-year-old girl, for example, who has posted seemingly harmless information on her space for anyone to see. “


The FBI does not make a distinction between a pedophile’s desire for kids over 14. According to the FBI, they are ALL pedophiles. The extreme Marxists attempts to change definitions to protect their own fails again.

Make no mistake, these board members are being attacked for their efforts to end CRT/DEI concepts in their district. These same people were told there was no CRT/DEI in the district prior to being elected. The TVUSD board is being attacked for protecting children rather than indoctrinating and sexualizing them. And, they are being attacked by the full force of State power and their brain-dead ideological followers.

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