Lying Liars That Lie: School Boards and Teachers Unions Abdicated Public Trust Over CRT

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California education, including school boards and teachers unions, have a problem with the truth when it comes to Critical Race Theory (CRT). Let’s face it, they have a problem with the truth in a lot of areas, but we’ll concentrate on CRT today. A recent review of open source information from the 2021-2022 era, the peak of CRT and Ethnic Studies debate at school board meetings, suggests that school boards, administrators, and teachers unions lied when claiming CRT was not taught in schools. The Desert Sands Unified School District (DSUSD) for instance, repeatedly claimed that CRT was not taught in the district. However, sources show that the claim is unlikely and the DSUSD should have known that fact, at the very time they were issuing denials to the public. Lies.

Ethnic Studies Debate

The Ethnic Studies debate came to the DSUSD in the summer of 2021. Opponents claimed that the California model curriculum was steeped in Marxist CRT and Black Lives Matters (BLM) concepts, while proponents (district officials) claimed that there was no CRT. At the same time, the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the California School Boards Association (CSBA) were issuing handouts and FAQs on how to deny that CRT was in California classrooms.

Many community members spoke to or wrote the DSUSD board about CRT and Ethnic Studies, but the first major incident occurred on July 20, 2021, at a board meeting. Several community members spoke to the board to calmly and respectfully explain how and why the California Ethnic Studies model curriculum exemplified the cultural Marxism of CRT and BLM. The board members decided not to comment to the community members after the public comment section, prompting most of the public to walk out. The walk out triggered the board president, Don Griffith, into launching a diatribe of projection at the community, but also into claiming the district did not teach CRT. At all. Don Griffith eventually resigned from the school board during the 2021-22 school year.

OAN’s Dan Ball Gets Booted

The DSUSD community spoke again at the next meeting on August 17, 2021. The public explained clearly, with evidence, why CRT laced Ethnic Studies should be shunned, as covered in this Substack article. This article further explains the Ethnic Studies-CRT link.

To be clear, the public spoke to the board about a lot of issues in those days, including the idiocy of the Wuhan Flu response and masking, the dangers of the vaccines, and the surreptitious sexualization of children. The DSUSD didn’t listen to any of it, opting to disparage their critics instead.

The above images are an excerpt of one public comment (mine), but the entire meeting can be viewed on YouTube. The DSUSD August board meeting gained notoriety when the board created new policy on the spot to keep OAN host Dan Ball from speaking. At the time, speakers could extend their three minute limit if other speakers yielded their time, but not Dan Ball. Listen to the (edited) comments of the speaker before the board kicked everyone out.

DSUSD Board Meeting 2021

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

In November of 2021 more smoke from the CRT fire became visible in the DSUSD. A citizen group that organized the effort to recall school board members, obtained and published a blatantly CRT lesson from an English II Honors class. The story was covered by the Daily Signal and the local ABC affiliate.

Sample from CRT lesson

Once again, the district maintained that CRT based concepts were not being taught in the district, and sent the school site administrator to appear on camera and deny it.

KESQ quote
KESQ interview


The California School Boards Association (CSBA) found it necessary to publish a FAQ on CRT in July of 2021, wherein they admitted that “CRT was developed by left-leaning legal scholars, some of whom were neo-Marxist.” But, then go on to maintain that Marxism is just too complex of a subject to explain to nit-wit parents, but “trust us CRT, which centers on the oppressor vs. the oppressed, is not Marxism.” The CSBA also makes the claim that CRT is not in California classrooms.


It should be noted that CSBA is a member of the National School Boards Association (NSBA). And, the NSBA conspired with the Biden Regime’s White House stooges to compel the Department of (In)Justice to declare parents that expressed valid concerns at school board meetings to be domestic terrorists. The CSBA provides training, guidance, policies, and management software to California school districts. Thus, the CSBA, school boards, and district administration should be diametrically opposed to the CTA and their local chapters. One would think.

What Say You, CTA?

Good question. The CTA was so concerned about “a well-coordinated, multi-state attack on racial equity in public education,” that they issued a handout to their members. The “Critical Race Theory Handout” advised members how to deny and obfuscate any discussions regarding CRT.

CTA Handout on CRT

Got that? The teachers union also denied CRT was being taught in schools and blamed the whole kerfuffle on “Conservative activists”… and Chris Rufo. Yet–oh, I bet you knew there would be a yet! Yet, search for ‘BLM’ and view the seven pages of results. Here is a sample, stretching back to 2020, for those tired of clicking the sauce–links to sources.

CTA Black Lives Matters Documents

In case you missed it, BLM recently told the world who they really are (again)–rabid supporters of terrorists that slaughter innocent men, women, and children.

BLM Supports Hamas Terrorists

Oh my goodness. Perhaps the CTA, and everyone involved with passing and implementing the Ethnic Studies model curriculum should say something. Have they not seen something? And by say something, I mean apologize, grovel for their support of BLM, and deactivate all Ethnic Studies courses. For a start.

But, But, But

Yes, I hear you, there is some wiggle room between CRT and BLM. Not really, but we know how it works: “We said CRT, not BLM.” Well, we’re not done yet, hold that thought. We’ll see.

Introducing the local CTA union president for Desert Sands teachers (DSTA) bragging about their “amazing political activist” in this Instagram post from May, 2022.

Union Instagram Post

Notice the sponsors on the photo-op background. NEA, CTA, and the San Gorgonio Service Center Council (SGSCC). Let’s focus on that last one, what is a “Service Center Council”?

CTA Service Center Councils

According to the 2023-2024 CTA Handbook, Service Center Councils are regional and comprised of several chapters (school district unions). There are 25 such councils throughout California. One of the “purpose and functions” of Service Center Councils is to”[p]rovide a foundation for regional political activities and legislative contact programs.” In other words, Service Center Councils are the political activist arm of the CTA. We may have never known without that Instagram post!

The SGSCC has a website, but it has not been updated since 2020. They also have a Twitter, but that account hasn’t been posted to since 2018. Facebook , until recently, had likewise been abandoned since 2022, but oh what a treasure trove they left for us! It is full of CRT, BLM, the cult of the Alphabet Mafia, and more. Let’s go on a (sample) tour of what local teachers were being offered!

Favorite first, a “best practices for using CRT” in schools webinar from September 2021.

SGSCC Facebook post

This post, from May 2021, admits (to themselves anyway) to teaching CRT, but so what? CRT is awesome! Balderdash.

SGSCC Facebook post

Going back further we find more gems, like weekly BLM “takeovers for racial justice” indoctrination. Also, up close and personal time with race hustler and possible abusive embezzler Ibram X. Kendi, recruitment for BLM and so much more!

BLM Indoctrination
2020 SGSCC post
Recruiting for BLM

Common Sense and Critical Thinking About CRT

Time to apply common sense, critical thinking, and discernment to what we know.

Firstly, the DSUSD (and school districts nationwide), incessantly claimed (and still claim) that CRT concepts were not taught in schools. Those were lies.

Secondly, the association that reps California school boards also denied CRT concepts were taught in schools. That too, was a lie.

Thirdly, the California teachers union denied CRT and blamed the brouhaha on crazy conservatives and Chris Ruffo. Lies, because they were actively training teachers in CRT at the same time.

We know they are lies due to the posts of the SGSCC, the political activist arm of the CTA. We can deduce, from the local union post, that these activists are recruited from the regional membership, i.e. Teachers and counselors from the districts in the region. In fact, the aforementioned handbook proves that to be true. The SGSCC was actively training members how to indoctrinate students in CRT at the very time the DSUSD was denying the existence of CRT in their classrooms.

We can also deduce that the DSUSD, at the very least was aware that CRT concepts were being taught. First of all, then as now, the DSUSD is a majority (3 of 5) of current (in neighboring districts) or retired teachers/counselors/administrators. The chances that at least one of them wouldn’t know what the SGSCC was up to is slim to none. Secondly, we know from public records that the DSUSD, and their school site administrators ,have a propensity for spying on those that disagree with them. Traditionally, teachers unions and school boards would generally disagree.

Therefore, it is only logical that the DSUSD would be keeping tabs on the CTA/DSTA, who they will meet across the bargaining table during negotiations. If the district knew, then the CSBA most certainly knew.

Lying Liars Lie

They all lied. They all supported the cultural Marxism of CRT and Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter supports drugged out terrorists and the slaughter of children. Likewise, college campuses across the nation support murdering terrorists, as do some high schools. Many, if not most terrorist supporting students on college campuses were recently in public schools, thus were subject to CRT indoctrination. Many teachers that indoctrinated those students in the ways of CRT and BLM are still in public schools.

They all lied. The DSUSD, and similar school boards controlled by teachers unions, have abdicated all future public trust. Public trust has also been abdicated by the CTA and CSBA. Even after seeing the consequences of their CRT/DEI play out in the horrendous Hamas supporting fashion it has, they continue to lie. Now they lie about DEI and lie to parents about their children’s “gender identity”, at the behest of the Alphabet Mafia that runs the Trans cult. Yet the school boards remain, unapologetic. The school boards that fight against the insanity, like Temecula and Chino, are targeted by the full force of State and union power and money.

Most recent SGSCC Facebook

There is only one solution to save our Nation’s children: Trump must be elected in 2024. Trump has promised to abolish the Department of Education, cease funding to any school district that has anything implemented related to DEI (includes CRT), and even require that principals to be elected. Trump is the only one that has proven to keep promises. And, Trump is the only one truly capable of preventing World War III–just look at the Abraham Peace Accords. That, or take over your own local school boards in 2024. Why not both!

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