Local Elections Filing Dates are Approaching

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America First Candidates needed at every level!

The window for filing candidacy for local elections is drawing nigh. According to the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office (RivCo RoV) the window for candidacy filing is from July 15 through August 9. Cities throughout Riverside County should have already requested the County to run the elections, if so desired, as the deadline for such requests was June 28. Which begs the question, aren’t any cities concerned about election integrity? If they are, why do cities not choose to conduct their own elections?

Going through the timeline, the next important dates are July 1 through July 15, when cities must publish a notice of elections once, including “the date and time of the election, nomination deadline, the offices to be filled, and hours the vote centers will be open,” in a paper of general circulation, such as the Press Enterprise or the Desert Sun.

From July 15 to August 9, prospective candidates can file nomination papers to run for office through their city clerk’s office. Candidates must also file a Ballot Designation Worksheet at the same time as their nomination papers. Candidates will have until August 9 to file a Statement of Economic Interest.

Make no mistake, America needs you! The federal and state offices are important and get the glamour, but America First candidates are needed at every level if we are to rid ourselves of the communist-esque totalitarian takeover we find ourselves in now at all levels of government. Everything from city councils to boards of education need critical thinkers rather than order takers if we are to accomplish tasks such as securing elections and ridding ourselves of the indoctrination of divisive and hateful ideologies in our public schools. If you don’t want to, or cannot, run for office consider helping an America First candidate win. I would argue that your time is more valuable than your money for local elections.

To determine what offices you would be eligible for, first refer to RoV’s “Elected Officials/District Lookup tool found under the Voters Info of the RivCo RoV website. While this tool is very informative, it does not inform you of what offices are up for election—for that please visit the 2024 Election War Room. Note that this page focuses on the Coachella Valley, but I am willing to add other locales upon request—information contributors are appreciated!

From the RoV (found under the Elections tab/November 5, 2024, Presidential Election):

*Note there are six additional pages to this document. Together we can make the 2024 election “Too Big To Rig” and then secure the future for our children by applying some common sense. Let’s Gooooooo!

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