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Legacy Media: Teaching Grammar And Patriotism Is Nazism

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In a stunning display of totalitarian Marxism, that surprises absolutely no one, the Washington Post claimed that teaching children grammar and patriotism in school was akin to being a Nazi. The WaPo ridiculously claimed that “the American colors of “red, white, and blue” and pictures of the American founders are racist dog whistles,” the Federalist reported yesterday.

The WaPo claims that if a school has any patriotic imagery on their website, then they are obviously trying to “attract [White] Christian nationalists.” Even more, “schools that promote virtuous behavior to their students, because “values” and “virtues” “stand as shorthand for quoted scripture.” Indoctrination! Claims the democracy-in-darkness leftist outlet. This from the WaPo, while high school math teachers threaten their students with Saturday school if they don’t watch “pride” movies.

The Federalist has a good take on what is happening here. In an age when school administrators will go through schools and post pro-LGBTQ++TIA posters in classrooms, if the teachers don’t beat them to it, leftists should not be commenting on indoctrination. In the lower echelons of the propaganda machine, such as the schools, most of those that indoctrinate are indoctrinated themselves, they just don’t know it. Their cognitive dissonance is that strong.

Federalist take

Anyways, from the Federalist:

What she really means is that only the left should be allowed to shape people’s minds. That’s what this report and article are really about: boxing out of public education anyone who doesn’t think exactly like politically extremist teachers union leaders do.

This is another illustration of the reality that today’s left doesn’t believe in sharing the public square, public funds, or anything else with people who don’t parrot their views. This is why leftist-run schools don’t educate, they indoctrinate: You can’t educate without conversation.

Monologues are not conversation. Conversation is not shouting down ideas, banning them, or slandering them. That’s why suddenly conservatives are the only ones who believe in free speech, honoring our country’s fathers and mothers, and educating without indoctrinating: The left has abandoned these common goods in the pursuit of political power.

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