Jim Jordan’s Epic Thread on Biden-Facebook Anti-Free Speech Collusion.

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U.S. Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) released an epic thread on X (Twitter) today, detailing the collusion between foreign activists, the Biden White House, and Facebook (META) to deny American’s First Amendment right to free speech. Jordan dubbed the thread “THE FACEBOOK FILES PART 5. BIDEN WHITE HOUSE RELIED ON FOREIGN “DISINFO” ACTIVISTS TO PRESSURE FACEBOOK TO CENSOR AMERICANS.”

Foreign Activists and Fake News

Jordan is referring to the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), which are self-described experts on disinformation. In reality, the CCDH is nothing more than Communist propagandists. According to Jordan, the CCDH falsely claimed that Robert Kennedy Jr. and “11 others were responsible for 65% “of anti‑vaccine content circulating on social media.” Jordan reveals that Facebook knew that number was closer to 0.05% and that most of the accounts reported by the CCDH were “benign.” Armed with the knowledge that the stats were baked, the Biden White House continued to push the CCDH disinformation.

Rep Jordan further reveals that while the CCDH report was published on March 24, 2021, Facebook employees were drafting a memo to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg within a few weeks over the pressure they were getting from the White House to censor the “Disinfo Dozen.” It’s a Zucker’s Dozen though, as the CCDH identified 34 accounts across Facebook and Instagram (both META) as being responsible “for 73% (in this one) of vaccine misinformation content….

Biden-Facebook Anti-Free Speech Collusion

Jordan went on tweet that Facebook “was stunned that the Biden White House seemed to actually believe the CCDH’s obviously false stat….” Facebook even recognized it would hurt the credibility of both Facebook and the Government if they based policy and actions on false information. Facebook was right, of course, but that didn’t stop them from doing what they were told by the Biden White House. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki even pimped for the “banned by one social media, banned by all social media” philosophy.

Essentially, the Biden White House was dictating Facebook policy to Facebook. At the time META only cross-platform suspension when it concerned child safety.

That was META policy. But once Psaki took to the White House podium decrying the CCDH’s fake news “Facebook Leadership asked for an update….” Turns out, Facebook had been doing the Biden White House’s bidding since the CCDH released their fake report in March of 2021.

The 12th account referenced in the tweet above was not suspended. However, the account was being watched closely as it was complaining about internet censorship.

Facebook actually tried several times to convince the Biden White House that it was relying on demonstrably fake news from CCDH, but were also resigned that ““nothing will be persuasive to that crew [Biden].” In the end, by August of 2021, Facebook simply gave up and did what they could to tailor “solutions around the White House’s concerns rather than real problems.

Jim Jordan’s conclusion:

And that’s how the censorship regime works: Foreign activists at the CCDH feed false info to the Biden White House. The Biden Admin then uses the full weight of the federal govt to coerce Facebook to censor Americans, Biden’s critics and political opponents, and the truth.

The revelations have led to subpoenas being issued to CCDH “to determine its role in the censorship regime.” The deadline for CCDH to respond to the subpoena is September 29, 2023.

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