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It was so good, you’re so easy, let’s do it again!

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Injections and masks!

By John Parker

There are rumblings about the next “pandemic” and a subsequent call for masks and mandates. Let’s consult the science so we will not destroy the economy, terrorize the world and needlessly kill millions of people! Again!

The mRNA injection, commonly referred to as the ‘vaccine’, is a synthetic molecule designed to target a specific genetic code. The problem with viruses is they mutate, quickly. In order for big pharma to bring another version of the vaccine to market it takes around 6 months. By that time the original genome is long gone. 

Any “vaccine” would be ineffective at protecting you at that point, if it was ever able to do it at all, at any point in time, which has never been proven. Remember the technology was and is experimental. You could say, “well, no harm no foul if it doesn’t work” but the problem is worse than that. After being injected the body is on alert for that one specific genome to the detriment of other antibodies that would protect you from “other invaders”. In other words your immune system is compromised. 

Also the injection has caused a increase in miscarriages, tainted breast milk causing illness and death in infants, myocarditis (scarring of the heart) in teenagers leading to cardiac episodes and death, blood clotting, degraded reproductive health, reactivation of numerous dormant diseases in the body and a global spike in excess deaths globally. Don’t believe me, ask an insurance company actuary. 

You will notice the last time around there was never any discussion of how to build your immune system and treatments that could effectively protect you. You got sick, if you got really sick you went into a hospital and usually died. Doctors, the media and internet censored any conversation about alternative treatments and as a consequence millions died, needlessly!

To add insult to injury you were required to wear a mask. Not only were the masks ineffective at blocking an aerosol borne virus but masks got dirty and bred bacteria or worse, the user inhaled their own CO2 all of which made them sicker and further degraded their immune system which seems to be the point!

The lock downs kept people indoors, limited exercise and interaction with other people. Sunshine, proper diet, exercise and the support of other human beings would dramatically lead to better health outcomes both physically and mentally.  

Let’s add one more killer into the mix…FEAR! People who didn’t have the time or inclination to research the facts, were pressured to comply or lose their job or status within the community.  Some welcomed the comfort of victim hood or feared catastrophic loss so they acquiesced to demands that were not rooted in science but actually made them more vulnerable to illness then they might have already been. 

The real question now is will we learn from past mistakes?  I doubt it. The real ‘stakeholders’ such as power hungry politicians and governments, a media who are dependent on ad revenues from the pharmaceutical industry and access to people with power as well as the industry itself whose business model is dependent on illness, lifelong addiction and ultimately death will continue this for as long as we let them get away with it!

This time let’s follow the immortal words of Nancy Reagan and “just say no”! Or rather Hell no! This time do not comply!

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