Help Ensure a Trump Nomination in California Primary: Register Republican

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Welcome to the Jungle: California Primary

We are gearing up for primary season in California, and if you want to help ensure a Trump nomination in the jungle, make sure you register Republican. California, as many are aware, has a jungle primary system for all voter nominated offices. Which means, any voter–even no party preference voters–can vote for any candidate. The top two vote-getters in each contest advance to the general election. Party affiliation does not matter, and oft times two Democrats advance to the general election, due to voter alignment. Voter Nominated offices according to pages, include “state constitutional offices, state legislative offices, and U.S. congressional offices.”

That goes for all offices except for “Partisan offices“, Presidential primaries and county central committees, where a party has to give permission to the Secretary of State to allow voters other than their party to vote in the primary. Historically, according to pages, the American Independent, the Libertarian, and Democrat parties regularly allow no party preference voters in their partisan office primaries. Republicans have not done so since 2010, and the other two recognized political parties in California (Peace & Freedom, Green) have never done so.

California Voter Stats

Let’s take a look at the numbers provided by the Secretary of State in the “Report of Registration: Odd Numbered Year Report.” A few interesting facts jump out right away. Like the declining Republican/increasing Democrat numbers in recent years–Republicans are fleeing the state. Another interesting statistic is the 82.27% of eligible voters are actually registered, leaving about 17% of eligible voters out of elections. And the glaringly obvious statistic is the nearly 2 to 1 Democrat advantage in registered voters (10,305,901 to 5,236,952).

Yet, do not be faint of heart, ye last remnants of California Conservatives, for there is a glimmer of light. While the 4,941,314 No Party Preference voters cannot vote for Trump in the 2024 Presidential primary, they could if they registered Republican. The same goes for the roughly 4,542,143 voters (the 17%) that are not registered. A 100% successful Republican registration drive could change the voter registration numbers to 46% Democrat-63% Republican.

Keep in mind, these numbers are pure potential, rather than realistic, but the opportunity to ensure that Trump secures the California primary election remains. Recent Ca GOP delegate selection changes, and if they help or hurt Trump, do not even enter into the equation, voters need the energy. A successful registration drive could also effect Republicans down ballot by energizing voters with a sense of power…and could even lead to Republican v. Republican races in the general election. Optimally, Californians would choose the candidates that will prioritize America First. Pollyanna-ish? Perhaps.

Will NPPs Vote in the California Primary?

Will the No Party Preference (NPP) voters vote though? Perhaps. I think many of the NPPs are resistant to being categorized, and consider themselves of the “I’ll chose the best candidate regardless of party” types. That’s fine. It isn’t a bad thing to resist being categorized and divided, but the task to convince them that just this once they could make a ‘yuge difference by registering and voting Republican in the primaries, should still be undertaken. We need 1000 Scott Presslers! Maybe more.

NPPs do vote, as evidenced by huge voter turnouts, but there is a catch for the primaries–NPPs have to request a party specific primary ballot to vote. An article from 2020, discusses the outreach attempted by some Democrats in that election’s primary towards NPP voters.

But the impact of NPP voters will ultimately come down to whether or not they cast a vote — and if history is any guide, independent turnout will lag, according to Paul Mitchell, vice president of the bipartisan voter data firm Political Data, Inc., who said his firm has a tally showing that less than 9% of NPP voters in California who plan to vote by mail have returned a postcard requesting a crossover ballot.”

Thus, even if Republicans allowed NPPs to vote in the primary, not many would (or would know to) request a Republican specific ballot. Voters registered with a party preference need not make any such request, the party specific ballot is automatic. So again, the registration push is the only thing that makes sense.

The numbers in Riverside County are slightly better than the State numbers, depending on the City, but the NPP voters could still give the edge to Republicans in most instances.

Save America

Save the cheerleader, save the world,” was the refrain in the Heroes universe; Trump is the cheerleader in our universe. NPP voters probably recognize this most of all, being the independent thinkers that they are. But, while they can still help down ballot America First candidates in the primary (as NPP voters), the only way to help Trump is by registering Republican. And why not? They don’t have to give the County, State or National Republican party committees any money, they don’t even have to tell anyone (for those with still asleep liberal friends). Just vote.

Everyday, more NPPs (and even some democrats) wake up to the fact that the 2020 election was indeed rigged and stolen in order to install a China/Ukraine/ friendly Biden crime family in the White House. More NPPs have awoken to the fact that Covid was a bio-weapon, and the response to it was to cover for election theft. And, even more have awoken to the fact that the legacy media is nothing more than the Uniparty (Democrat + Rino) propaganda arm that covers for the various crime families (the Biden’s are not the only ones!). That the legacy media outlets truly are the enemy of the American people. Everyday, Americans glean more facts about the dirty dealing Uniparty, and they witness the Uniparty’s actions in real-time–another Trump indictment. The Democrats bring; the Republicans do nothing but whine. Every. Single. Time.

Drag Them Into The Light

I can attest to the fact that it isn’t even a hard sell to NPP voters–I knocked on over 1,000 doors for a school board recall in 2022–the people are pissed! Establishment Republican candidates clutch to the donor-money that the status-quo brings, and don’t have a chance against Trump without shenanigans. And the Democrats! The Democrats are the party of:

  • Not punishing school children because they don’t have the capacity to make good decisions
  • Pushing kids to change gender identity as young as the age of two.
  • Allowing and encouraging kids to choose chemical castration and surgical mutilation
  • Kidnapping kids from their parents and from parents in other states for the purpose of castration and mutilation
  • Criminalizing community partners that criticize school boards
  • Official state government honoring of Satanic drag queens
  • Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex
  • Unhealthy focus on children’s mental health, therapy, and drugs.
  • Totalitarian lockdowns, mask-ups, and the forced injection of experimental drugs

Only united will we stand, as a Country, as a freedom-loving people, and the time has come to Stand. Those awake and in the light need to extend the shine to those in the dark so they can see.

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