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Et Tu, Xavier Prep? Is Wokeism Afflicting a Perceived Safe Haven From Public Schools?

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The Letter

Et Tu, or “you too,” is a phrase uttered in Shakespeare’s play by Julius Cesar as he is being stabbed in the back, and everywhere else, by a group of Senators, including his friend, Brutus. A group of parents of students attending Xavier Prep in Palm Desert, California, have a similar query… has Xavier Prep succumbed to the very woke ideology that many parents fled the public school system over? Thus far, going by the treatment of the parents by Xavier Prep teachers and administrators, it may be time to rename the school to Brutus Prep.

The parents fear retaliation and requested to remain anonymous, but have provided Desert Truth with source material. The material includes a letter, dated May 19, 2023, addressed to Xavier board members, select staff and administrators, the San Bernardino Bishop, and SB Diocese. In the letter, parents express their concerns that the “English literature and the theology at Xavier…are not aligning.” Parents also detail how Xavier staff have ignored their concerns, even resorting to gaslighting techniques. Gaslighting, of course, refers to the manipulative practice of manipulating reality to make the subject feel isolated and cray-cray. The group discovered they had experienced similar refrains when bringing their concerns to school staff; clearly they were not alone.

The Complaint

For instance, a common response to parents who voiced concerns were that “they are the only ones complaining about this issue.Some parents were informed “that these topics are not imposed upon our kids.” Yet parents also detail how their children faced “repercussions” if they did not read the material. Not imposed? Even worse, a “few of the parents have actually been told by faculty that maybe Xavier isn’t the place for them.”

The group of parents contend that “Xavier kids reading these books are blatant displays of sexualization and explicit language.” Parents point to the hypocrisy of the reading list, stating: “these kids can’t read these books out load (sic) as there is profanity, sex…” and doing so would violate school policies and mission statements.

The required reading materials, that parents contend are replete with sexualization, explicit language, and the cultural Marxist LGBTQXYZ+++ ideological agenda, include:

  • Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson
  • The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie
  • We Are Okay” by Nina La Cour
  • American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang
  • Long Way Down” by Jason Reynolds
  • Clap When You Land” by Elizabeth Acevedo

Parents asked for a response to their concerns within 21 days, specifically answers to the questions:

How were the above books selected? Who assisted in the book selection process? Is there a rating system Xavier adheres to?”

The Books and Associated Experiences: “We Are Okay”

Regular readers know what time it is. Digging time, grab some shovels!

In an attachment to the letter entitled “Parent Experience #2″ one parent (“Parent X”) details her concerns, and experiences with staff, over the book “We Are Okay.” First, Parent X emphasized that they “have intentionally chosen the private school route for my children, subjects such as CRT, 1619, LGBT, etc. should not even be approached here at XCP.” Et Tu?

A Xavier teacher informed Parent X that the English department chose the book and that their concerns had been forwarded to the department head. After a month, Parent X finally was able to meet with an administrator. The administrator assured Parent X that “there was little to no reference to LGBTQ in the entire book,” and that “XCP has the right to share this with the students.” Parent X was also denied the request for an alternate book for their student as it would be a “great problem for the teacher.”

Very little of the alphabet mafia’s agenda, the administrator said. Got those shovels ready?

First and foremost, isn’t it odd that a book “with little to no reference to LGBTQ” has a raving recommendation on a website called ““? A website that lists the characters in “We Are Okay” as being “cisgirls, bisexual, and lesbian/queer.” Queerbooks is recognized by the Library of Congress as a site “dedicated to sharing young adult fiction with significant content.” Is this Gaslighting or pure narcissistic ignorance?

“Clap When You Land

Another parent, “Parent Y”, had an unpleasant experience in regard to the book “Clap When You Land.” Parent Y, and their child who “felt it was vital to have her voice heard,” asked for an alternate book due to the child not wanting “ the sexual content in her mind, heart or body.” The Xavier staff, two men, “insisted that she read the book or face the consequences.”

The book contains statutory rape, underage sex trafficking, and other sexual violence.

Speak” and “The Absolute True Diary...”

Speak” published in 1999, “tells an important story of rape,” according to an article on the website The Collegian. A story, the article claims is still relevant today because brave and courageous Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate. This is not an article about potential perjurers however, so there is no need to delve into Ford’s lack of credibility. If you know, you know, if you don’t, you should.

Critics have a different view about “Speak,” like this article from the Springfield News Leader. According to the article the book teaches that “all adults are losers and the cheerleading squad scores more than the football team.” The article contends that the book is “soft porn” and also deals with abortion and includes two rape scenes.

The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian” is listed #1 on the American Library Associations (ALA) top 100 banned books between 2010 and 2019. “Speak” is #25 on that list. For comparison, the very adult, very BDSM, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is #8. Think about that, a book for children tops poorly written adult BDSM soft porn. Perhaps these excerpts, provided by is why.

Seriously, where are the politically-correct police when you need them? How is this defended by the left, that banned Mark Twain and Harper Lee? When did Xavier, run by the Jesuit Foundation, turn left?

Riddle me this, dear reader: If educators insist that they must provide graphic details of underage rape and sex trafficking to teach kids about stranger danger, how is it they are able to teach the dangers of alcohol and tobacco without handing out a 5th of Jack Daniels and a carton of Camels to every student?

Et Tu, Brute?”

So, is Xavier Prep analogous to Brutus, considering that some parents came to Xavier for shelter from the madness permeating public schools? Parents may have sought sanity, but it appears Xavier has decided to pick up the sword of the Cultural Marxist gender ideology. So far, Xavier has stabbed parents with belittling gaslighting, a true sign of narcissism. Xavier has slashed parents with dismissive remarks meant to isolate parents from each other. Will Xavier deal the fatal blow of cultural rot to parents or hold teachers and administrators to account?

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    Jess says:

    This article is poorly written and wrought with embarrassing and morally concerning ideology. I hope parents of all kids can be understanding that not every child in every school is heterosexual and cisgender. Good luck to these kids when they have to enter the real world.

  2. avatar
    Katherine says:

    The number one suicide deterrent for LGBTQ+ youth is an affirming family. Healthy and alive kids should always be the number one goal. Shame on these parents.

    1. avatar
      admin says:

      Propping up a pretend world does not help anyone, but it does make a lot of money for immoral doctors and pharma. Now do the suicide rate for seven years AFTER transition. We’ll wait.

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