Election 2024: UniParty And Pansies Need Not Apply

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The 2024 election is starting to gear up, and the United States needs fighters, not uniparty members or weak Rino pansies, to save this Country.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how many uniparty members have thrown their hats in the ring on the Republican side, hoping against hope that their brethren (democrats) are successful in their attempts to take President Trump out of the running. Spoiler: They will fail. Or perhaps you have noticed how the communists (also democrats) have decided there will be no primaries against their dementia-addled Fake President (Joe “Big Guy” Biden). Spoiler: They are deathly afraid of RFK Jr. People are beginning to declare candidacies for the other offices as well, from U.S. Congress to local government and school board.

Uniparty provides bread and circuses.

Did you happen to catch the testimony of Special Counsel Durham in Congress yesterday? If not, here is a link. If you watch that hearing closely, you may notice something a bit out of the ordinary, as far as Congressional hearings go. For awhile the hearing went about as expected–a great big show. Predictably, the democrats attacked Durham while they made speeches at him, extolling the virtues of Mueller and other completely debunked conspiracy theories. The republicans, for the most part, praised Durham for his efforts. But then something interrupted the normally scheduled program.

There was a small group of Magadonian Republicans, that wanted to know, demanded to know, why Durham brought no actual justice. We covered the lack of accountability from Durham here, but the Congressional questioners wanted answers. Like why did Durham allow key players, like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Comey, McCabe, and others that committed what can only be described as treason, to ignore him? Durham informed Congress that witnesses like Hillary would have just lied, and others like Comey simply said they wouldn’t talk to him.

Funny, I don’t recall anyone being able to get away with ignoring a Special Counsel during the Mueller investigation, which was a total hoax investigation, based on a Clinton paid for and Obama/Biden endorsed hoax, for the sole purpose of hamstringing and taking out a duly elected President. Which, by the way, would seem to constitute treason.

The Magadonian Republicans broke from the planned circus and demanded to know why Durham did not do his job and bring accountability and Justice. Some even accused him of being part of the cover-up and “inoculating” Congress. The Magadonians defied the uniparty, but they are a small group and they need help, the kind of help that can only come from true, American First, Magadonians.

Run baby, run!

Many Republicans will run with good intentions, but care more about committee assignments, office space, or reelection (permanent government jobs) than they do representing their constituency honestly. In other words, they can be manipulated into performing as puppets for the uniparty. It may be with the promise of campaign money, or maybe a book deal, or maybe they get careless (Madison Cawthorne) and are susceptible to blackmail, but one way or another they are simply controlled opposition.

Perhaps it takes a “one and done” attitude. Strong men and women who run for office that do not care if they get reelected would not be so malleable. Men and women that don’t care if the legacy media says mean things about them would not be so weak. Strong men and women, Magadonians, that run for office focused on bringing accountability, justice, and the restoration of the American Republic is what America needs right now.

Not just in the Congress and the Senate, but also in State and local offices, maybe offices you did not even know existed. For instance, healthcare and recreational districts need Magadonians–who else will stop the grooming and the medical experiments? Were you even aware? Don’t feel bad if you weren’t aware, I wasn’t until a short time ago.

Desert Recreation District Activities

Still pushing a dangerous experimental drug for kids…why?

Get up, Stand up

If we all just sit around hoping that another Magadonian will step up to the plate, we will probably end up with the same non-critical thinking and self-interested democrats and rinos that we have now. To be clear, we already have some strong men and women that have stepped up here in the Coachella Valley, in 2022 especially. They sit in office right now and they really need our help. These courageous newly elected officials need someone in their foxhole–sitting on that city council or school board with them.


As most of my regular readers know, we are at WAR, right now as I type I also fight, and so do you by reading. It is a war unlike any war we have experienced in our history; a war of information and disinformation. A war with a silent enemy and repercussions far greater than the battlefields of the World Wars… freedom or overt and brutish slavery is the prize, and there can be only one.

So, we need Magadonians to fight the plethora of crime families that run most of the governments of the world, and their puppeteers. Puppeteers like the WHO, WEF, UN, Soros, the Rothschilds, and the CCP that run the various crime families like the Bush’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Biden’s, Newsom’s, Pelosi’s…and oh, so many more. Crime families and organizations that will work together when it suits them, but won’t hesitate to squash each other like a bug they want us to eat, should the opportunity arise. Much like the Godfather mafia of old. Is Joe Biden about to become a bug?

Desert Truth has created a page (see the main menu) entitled ‘Election ’24‘ where you can find offices that are up for reelection in 2024. It is a work in progress and we will be adding summaries of incumbents and more details. Take a look, maybe something resonates with you or someone you know.

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