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DSUSD School Board Meeting Tonight, They Still Want Your Kids!

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Public Welcome?

The Desert Sands Unified School District (DSUSD) is holding a board of education meeting tonight at 7:00 PM. The meeting is held in the district boardroom at 47-950 Dune Palms Road, in La Quinta. Written comments are due by 2:00 pm and can be submitted on the district’s online comment page. Don’t expect the board to answer you if they don’t like what you say. The board states at the beginning of meetings that law prevents them from commenting to you, that is not entirely accurate, according to district bylaws and California Code.

When the district does respond, it gets one of the student board members to write a letter to the editor of the Desert Sun. This is a tactic used to vilify the public that tried to tell them masks were useless, vaccines were dangerous, that their response to Covid was overblown, that school closures were a terrible idea, and that CRT/DEI concepts were being taught to students throughout the district. The district’s view was that the community was wrong, had no evidence for their concerns, and were being petulant because “they didn’t like the answers they were given.

Well, the evidence was there the entire time (and still is), so it appears the district does a really poor job at teaching “inquiry” and “critical thinking.” In retrospect, the community was right and the district (and their spokespeople) were wrong, about everything. Has the DSUSD admitted that they were purveyors of misinformation yet? Have they apologized? Of course not, they are probably hoping you forget it all, while they continue to harm students with misguided policies like MTSS, Restorative Justice, and Gender Support Plans.

Mental Health Crisis

The DSUSD, indeed most of public education across the Nation, are now dealing with a mental health crisis caused by power hungry wannabe tyrants, mostly democrats. Districts are bloating their staffs with mental health professionals to help the kids, supposedly. How many district students that do seek help with mental health end up with gender support plans? Is there a correlation to the mass addition of mental health staff (many are subcontracted) and the over 400% increase of gender support plans that occurred during the same time period? Is there a current propaganda push that rivals the ad campaign for masks and vaccines during Covid?

There is an agenda item that deals with mental health that may be of interest, item 16.1 “School Based Mental Health Services for All!” DSUSD personnel are so excited to take over the mental health of your children from you.

dsusd mental health presentation

See how it works and trickles down from the federal and state government? Cause the problem, deny you are causing the problem, blame the problem on someone else, and then bring the painful and worthless solution. If you doubt fear tactics are still a mainstay of DSUSD policy, take a look at this next slide. Why are scare figures like 104% increase presented without dates? Why are other scare figures using dates from nearly 20 years ago?

dsusd mental health presentation

California Children’s Trust

California may be 43rd in providing young children mental health screenings, but the state ranks in the top 5 for the percentage of youth that identify as transgender. It is hard to imagine that California actually ranks 43rd though, considering the push by schools to funnel kids (and adults) into mental health care. The question is why?

Where to begin to answer the why? How about with the district’s source? A pattern has emerged the last few years when it comes to the district’s sources, or the entities it endorses with website links–from the Trevor Project, to Gender Spectrum, to Safe Schools (Drag Proms), to the CTA– they are all to the left of Marxism. California Children’s Trust (CCT), the source of the above slides, is no exception.

The CCT rabbit hole is deep and will require more scrutiny, but here are a couple of highlights. The CCT’s purpose is to “reimagine” mental health care for schools in the State of California. CCT is in year three of a five year plan (Stalin and Mao had five year plans) to force California to accept their imaginations. The CCT are “medicaid geeks” and know if there isn’t a diagnosis for a kid they see, they don’t get paid for their time by medicaid. CCT’s goal is to have more kids in mental health therapies under the medicaid umbrella. Medicaid is paid by the taxpayer. Catching on?

View the following clips to get the brief answers of the why, how, and for whom from the Principal of CCT, Alex Briscoe. The full interview can be found here, listen to the end to hear about the 600 mental health programs in California schools in the last six months!

Video Shorts

Who and ACES
He is so giddy!

If you aren’t wary of CCT yet, then check out their twitter feed.

Retweet by CCT

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