Does California Education Propagate A Fog Of Indoctrinated Fear?

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A friend recently asked me if the youth of the Coachella Valley, CA, were depressed or suicidal because of the pressures of the LGBTQ++IA (Alphabet Mafia) ideology in the schools. I did not know. But, in searching for information, I did find a Riverside County Civil Grand Jury Report on Suicide. When I got to the section of youth suicide ideation in the Coachella Valley, I began to see dots. Not shapes before my eyes, but metaphorical dots, in California policy and education.


Could those dots, I wondered, connect the data collectors to the California legislature and executive branches, and their outright communist perversion for kidnapping and mutilating children? Could California use the State apparatus of Education to sow seeds of fear? Fear that could then be used to justify actions that further the aims of the aforementioned branches of government? Would public fear over suicidal youth increase the possibility of state control of kids through therapists in schools? Finally, would requiring every student to meet with a “gender affirming” therapist likely increase or decrease mental health problems in school?

In today’s world, it’s almost if age-old growing pains are now something to be depressed about. Depression begets depression medication. Depression medication begets anxiety, thus begets anxiety medication. The two medications combined can take months to get the proper balance. In the meantime, the student becomes an emotionless shell of their former selves and ripe for picking by activists counselor-therapists. Could the data collection surveys, that cause all the anxiety in the first place, be biased enough to tip the scales in favor of a mental health emergency?

Matt Walsh with a non-binary gender affirming therapist

It just seems so dastardly though. The thought that California would use data collection surveys in education to indoctrinate and propagate fear amongst the children, in order to wrest control from parents. Evil or absurd?

Well, that’s my question, you decide. But do keep in mind, Newsom and his gruesome band of brothers–Attorney General Bonta and Education Superintendent Tony Thurmond–with his democrat cronies in the legislature have (or are about to) codified kidnapping children from other states, kidnapping children from California parents, and are suing school districts to protect grooming adults.

Also keep in mind, that only President Trump has promised to end the endless PsyOps, grooming, kidnapping, and mutilation of our most vulnerable population. The children.

*Closed Captions available– bottom right of screen.

Original Source RSBN

The Report

Right out front, I think the Riverside Civil Grand Jury did a fine job, I am not impugning upon their work in any way. The Jury cannot be faulted if the official data available to them is inaccurate due to bias. If that is indeed the case. So let’s look at the data sources by rereading the report with an eye for footnotes, if there is bias I’m sure we’ll find it.

First of all, since the CDC shows up early and often, I would contend that the CDC has lost a lot of credibility lately, to say the least. And I would especially be concerned if the CDC wanted to “invest more in schools”.

Okay, that was the obvious one, let’s move on.

There are two footnotes in particular that draws attention, numbers 17 and 30. Footnote 17 is the source data on suicide attempts in Riverside County released by the “RUHS-BH in its Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan for Riverside County – Building Hope and Resiliency“. Footnote 30 is source data on self reported student suicide ideation.

Report Footnote 17

Footnote 17 concerns data about suicide attempts and call volume to the County helpline in 2020. Could an ideological organization skew this data to produce fear in the populace? Possibly. We should at least check it out. Here is the passage from the report:

The link for footnote 17 lands on and the “Building Hope and Resiliency” report. Since our eye is out for Coachella Valley and/or youth scroll to page 15 and the “Impact on Youth” section. Note that their source is the California Healthy Kids Survey, now known as the CalSCHLS Survey.

Moving on to footnote 30–Whoa, I know what you’re thinking, “is that all?” I hear you, but let me tell you a little story.

When I was in high school, my punk rock friends loved a band called The Circle Jerks. I once even went to a gig and “slam danced,” or dance/ran around in a giant circle called the slam pit, bouncing into and pushing off of everyone else doing the same.

My round-a-bout way of describing what is about to happen to us as we work our shovels. Wear some good leather gloves today, you’ll understand in short time.

Report Footnote 30

Footnote 30 appears on page 13 of the report, and concerns data on students self-reporting suicide ideation. The report states that “[I]n Riverside County, 18% of 9th grade students said they had thoughts of suicide, and
20% students in 11th grade
.” Might it be important to know how students are reporting, or who they are reporting to? Could an ideologically biased organization skew this data for nefarious purposes? I concur, let’s take a look.

The footnote link takes us to Click on Riverside County from the left menu and we get… slightly different stats. Not too far off though, and still extremely concerning percentages.

Do we blindly trust these numbers and move on? “Okay, well said so, must be true?” Not around these parts we don’t! One more shovel-full takes us to kidsdata’s data source. Ready for this?

Oh lookee there, California Healthy Kids Survey. Coincidence, I’m sure. There is another data source listed there known as WestEd. At least it appears to be another source, but we’ll see. Hold on. Put your shovel aside for a moment and grab the trowel. On Kidsdata website, right at the top, it says “powered by PRB.” Who, or what, is Might be good to know, and only one way to find out–click that link.

Say goodbye to the Grand Jury report, we shall not return.

Population Reference Bureau

Oh, wow, are you seeing what I’m seeing? Population Reference Bureau sounds a bit dystopian, what are they about? Oh. Dear God. Pray.

If you didn’t know that fighting violence against women included organizing events to share the best practices for child marriage and genital mutilation, now you do. Sex selection at birth? Again, pray.

Toss the trowel aside, or throw it away if it seems icky after that side dig. Let’s return to sources, even though their data is now tainted beyond redemption. Anything “powered” by PRB is tainted, by default.

CalSCHLS: Fog of Fear in California Education

The Healthy Kids Survey is a product of the CalSCHLS system, which now includes a variety of data collection tools surveys. CalSCHLS is a creation of the California Department of Education (CDE), but guess who actually developed the surveys. Yep, WestEd, with a little help from their friends. Who is WestEd? Good question, we’ll get to that in a moment.

The Surveys

Before delving more into WestEd, let’s take a look at the surveys they put out. The full list of surveys are available for download from The amount of surveys is staggering.

These surveys are on top of the near-daily Social Emotional Learning (SEL) mini-surveys and “mental health checks” students are bombarded with. Let me ask you, what would be the end result if I were to ask a child daily: How are you? Are you feeling alright? Maybe you’re sad? A little depressed? Have you ever seen anyone sad? Maybe even just a little sad–have your parents ever yelled at you?

Eventually, through question phrasing or sheer attrition, I’ll get the answers I need. It would be like me taking something you would never stop to think about, but once I ask you, it is ingrained in your mind. Hillary Clinton in a bathing suit. In any case let’s take a gander at a few survey samples. Oh but first, did you know that these surveys come with financial incentives? Paid by WestEd, kid you not.

First up, the Behavioral Health Form B.

These are some of the questions from the Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation-Based Harassment Module Supplement 1.

Finally, a few examples from the SEL survey.

If you’re still thinking about Hillary, I’m really sorry, I wanted to make a point. Power of suggestion. Now we will all have to answer “yes” if ever asked have we thought about… you know who in a you know what. We’ll move on to figuring out just who WestEd is now. Shovel time again.

WestEd in California Education

All roads lead back to WestEd. Should we give WestEd themselves an opportunity to tell us who they are? Why not. According to WestEd’s website, they are a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. Good to know, because were absolute lunatics. I feel warm and fuzzy already.

Goodbye warm and fuzzy, hello sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Where do we even start? WestEd is so nonpartisan that they had to tell us twice in the span of three sentences. WestEd has it all! From “reimagining” solutions for a “more equitable society,” to “equity, diversity, and inclusion.” As for WestEds mission statement, someone should point out that excellence has an inverse relationship with equity. In fact, equity is antithesis to equal opportunity.

A couple of other points that WestEd highlighted in their 2022 Year in Review:

So, now we know. WestEd has an extreme-left bias, but we still don’t know who exactly they are. Searching for them brings up plenty of “nonprofit and nonpartisan” descriptions. But they all seem the same. Indeed, the Wikipedia entry for WestEd has a disclaimer that the entry appeared to be an ad written by the company.

Don’t waste your time searching the nonprofit databases of the IRS though, if you’re thinking of following the money. Of course you’re thinking that. I already tried though, I even had the EIN number! It wasn’t until I came across an instance of the National Science Foundation Office of the Inspector General audit from 2008 that I figured it out. WestEd is not a nonprofit in the 501 (c)(3) sense. WestEd is a nonprofit in the arm of the government sense. An arm of the government with over $211 million of mostly taxpayer money.

Joint Powers Act of California

We shouldn’t feel bad for not figuring that out earlier, even the Inspector General in 2008 didn’t know. The aforementioned audit did not go well for WestEd, the IG excoriated them, and WestEd took offense and got a bit snarky. Below is a response by WestEd to the IG’s misconception that they were a nonprofit. Might as well mention, WestEd was on the forefront of implementing Common Core.

WestEd was birthed through the Joint Powers Act of the California Government Code. The mentioned research agencies FWL and SWRL were themselves created by an Act of Congress in 1966. WestEd, through the Joint Powers Act, also has similar influence/control in Arizona and Nevada. Members of the board contain representatives from all three states and include the usual cast of democrats–teachers, CSBA members, etc.

The bad news: We cannot easily follow our inclination to source the money by going through IRS tax filings, or the California nonprofit registries. The good news: WestEd is a public agency, thus subject to Public Records Act requests. It says so right in the Joint Powers Act. Request sent.

You Are Who You Hang With

While we wait for the detailed audit of WestEd, and before we part ways today, I found something to cheer up. Something that makes the audit moot, as far as connecting intent to WestEd.

WestEd does show up when searching the FEC or the California Secretary of State’s Power Search. At least WestEd’s employees show up. The FEC search resulted in 9,618 records all time, and 235 from just 2023-24. Interestingly, you can quickly scroll through the pages of FEC results, because the pages all look near identical. Go check it out. The donations are mostly to ActBlue and DSCC, but there are a lot of DNC,, 314 action, and even Warnock mixed in. But still, WestEd is totally nonpartisan. Wink, wink.

An all time search of California records reveals an all-time total of over $25,000 in donations by WestEd employees, all to extreme-left democrats and causes. I took the time to peruse some of those donations, just to be sure my extreme-left descriptions are fair. Once again, you decide.

WestEd Employee Donations

Gavin Newsom and his band of gruesome were all beneficiaries of the largess of WestEd employees. Also, there were lesser-known candidates that WestEd employees donated to, and they all seem to be of the same ilk. Coincidentally.

David Leon Zink (D-Chico) that ran for Assembly in 2022. Zink lost, but was kind enough to leave us this cringe video. Laugh, but do not forget: These people are real, and generally have predilections for totalitarianism.

The Dolores Huerta Action Fund also benefited from WestEd employees in 2022. Oh boy.

Just two more, I promise. I don’t know how much more I could take. First, also from 2022, Kim Carr for Ca Senate (D-Huntington Beach) gets a virtual signal entry. And then lastly, my favorite for the most virtue signal words ever in one questionnaire, Alexis Villalobos who ran for Ca Senate in 2020.

Wrap It Up Already

Add all this new information, these dots, to the dots we already know.

We learned in Stranger Danger and Stranger Danger Part 2 that there is a push for every child to see a therapist in school, if they need one or not. The effort is led by California Children’s Trust (CCT) through taxpayer and dark money funding, and would see the taxpayer pay for that huge increase of therapists. We also learned that Universities like San Francisco State are cranking out “gender affirming” therapists in anticipation of the California legislature funding such a policy.

We know that Newsom and his gruesome band of brothers are doing everything they can to allow the usurpation of parental rights by the schools, thus State. The democrat state legislature is cranking out laws at an alarming rate that also usurp the right of parents, and even kidnap unsuspecting children from their parents–across State lines!

The aforementioned tyrannical ideologues cite the data of nonpartisan statistics, derived from student surveys, to instill fear into the public, which allows the laws to be passed. And, more importantly, and nefariously, cause the very problems they are surveying. But, the surveys are not nonpartisan. The surveys are designed, administered, and the data tabulated into scary statistics, by fellow ideologues buried in the bowels of government bureaucracy.

Now it’s a wrap

President Trump is the only person in America that has promised to end these disgusting and deceptive practices on day one. And, Trump is proven to be capable of such actions. President Trump is the only elected leader that has made such promises before, and kept them. President Trump kept his promises despite having to constantly fend off arrows flung by the communist left. The communists of California have been waging a perpetual PsyOp on Californian parents, through their kids, for years. Children are a tool of control to [them]. It’s disgusting, it’s perverted, it’s sick, and it must end.

“God’s children are not for sale,” and children’s data and peace of mind should not be either. We must stand up for ourselves, but we need the backing of a Federal Government and courts system sans crime families and other government gangsters. Trump will end this madness. From the surreptitious front end of “survey developers,” all the way to the back end of atrocious legislation. Promises made, promises kept, again-if we work hard, stay vigilant and discerning, and above all, pray to God.

Original Source RSBN

Thank you everyone for hanging in there. Hold the line! Goodnight.

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