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Desert Sands Unified Invites Public to Evaluate Instructional Materials.

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Desert Sands Unified School District recently sent a mass email to parents from their Education Services department, to notify the public of the opportunity to inspect instructional materials that are under consideration for use in Advanced Placement Biology and English Literature (grades 9-12). The materials will be available to view between the dates of April 5, 2023, and May 17, 2023. Textbooks and materials may be examined and evaluated by filling out an evaluation form, if so desired.

Instructional materials and textbooks, from multiple publishers, will be available to view at the main District Education Center hallway, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The materials will also be available for examination at Indio High School, Palm Desert High School, and Shadow Hill High School during school hours, approximately 8:30 AM to 3:34 PM. Contact the Kay King Media Center at 760-771-8621 for more information.

Dearest Public, this is your time to shine! Much like the time to complain about laws we don’t like is while the Bills are still in committee, before they even become laws, so to is the process for instructional materials. It is much harder to get instructional materials out of the classroom after they have been approved, purchased, and implemented, than it is to object to them while still under consideration. Use your discernment and voice now to avoid certain hoarseness latter.

Original email is posted below.


DESERT SANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT invites the public to view 9th – 12th grade Advanced Placement Biology, and Advanced Placement English Literature instructional materials under consideration for adoption. 

Each publisher’s materials and textbooks may be examined in the main District Education Center hallway from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., starting April 5, 2023, through May 17, 2023. In addition, materials and textbooks may be examined at Indio High School, Palm Desert High School, and Shadow Hills High School during school hours.  

For those who wish to evaluate the programs, forms will be available at the viewing site. Public evaluation forms turned into Educational Services or the school site will be used as part of a comprehensive system for selecting a publisher that includes the following criteria: Standards Alignment, Program Organization, Assessment, Universal Access and Instructional Planning and Support. For additional information, please contact the Kay King Media Center at 760-771-8621.

Marcus Wood, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent

Educational Services

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