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Democrats Ignore Biden Crimes, Push Blue Anon Conspiracy Theories At House Oversight Hearing

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True to form, and just as predicted by whistleblower Shapley, the democrats in today’s House Oversight committee hearing about the Biden criminal investigation completely ignored the evidence of Biden crimes and the DOJ/IRS/FBI corruption to cover those crimes. Instead, democrats spent nearly all of their pushing extreme blue anon conspiracy theories, fake news, and already debunked hoaxes. Democrats did not exactly ignore the witnesses, instead democrats yelled, lectured, and mocked the witnesses for reasons completely unrelated to the hearing subject, or reality.

The democrats did however, seek to pounce, capture, and pervert the idea of a two tiered justice system that targets Trump and conservatives while protecting the Biden’s and Marxist-Democrats. About the only hearing-related subject that democrats deigned to bring up, was that Trump appointed prosecutor (Weiss) had final authority in investigating and charging the Biden crimes, and chose not to. This, of course, was a lie, and was shown to be a lie in the witnesses statements. Trump derangement syndrome was front and center as was the idea that the whistleblowers were just sore losers. Insane.

Republicans, on the other hand, spent most of their time asking the witnesses to clarify statements, go over dates, people, and dollar amounts involved in the Biden crimes. Witnesses did an outstanding job detailing the obstructions and corruption they faced within the DOJ/FBI/IRS in trying to conduct their investigation.

Watch and compare:

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