Democrat Congressional Candidate Hawkins Charges Downgraded From Four Felonies

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Brian Hawkins, aka “Pastor Hawkins,” appeared in a Riverside courtroom yesterday and pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor child endangerment charges. Charges that were downgraded from the four felonies when Hawkins was arrested on July 2 in Lake Elsinore. According to a report, Hawkins appeared in the Banning Justice Center and was represented by a private attorney.

Hawkins is infamous locally for running for Congress as a Republican in 2022, before miraculously changing his stance on everything to the exact opposite and becoming a Democrat. Perhaps that’s where there money is in California, who’s to say?

The reduction in charges also saw a reduction in Hawkins’ bail, from the original $200,000 to just $5,000. Riverside County jail information shows that Hawkins was released from custody yesterday, July 6th.

The report quotes San Jacinto Council member Crystal Ruiz as stating that Hawkins’ “… behavior is not acceptable. The reality is we should never do something that is going to bring negative publicity to the city.” Ruiz said a censure of Hawkins by the council “might be in order,” but he would still be allowed to attend meetings as Hawkins “was voted in by the public.”

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