Dear Neighbors: We Are Not Enemies.

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Happy July 4th!

Today we celebrate Independence Day in the United States of America, and Americans around the Nation are planning out backyard BBQs and front yard fireworks shows–be careful out there Dads! As I prepare to sedate and distract my quivering pet for the next three days, I have reflected on the founding of our Republic and came to one unmistakable conclusion: My neighbors are not my enemies.

I reflected on the wars we fought and the lives we have sacrificed to keep our Republic. I reflected on the war for survival the USA is in at the present, and how many are simply oblivious to the fact that we are indeed, at war. Which in turn, led me to remember General Flynn’s words of wisdom from The Citizen’s Guide To Fifth Generation Warfare: “Your neighbors are most likely not your enemy, but it might feel that way sometimes.” How could they be our enemy if they are not even cognizant of the fact we are at war? This of course does not apply if your neighbor belongs to Antifa, is a wannabe government tyrant, or actively pushes sexuality on kids (groomers), those people (tools of Globalists) are absolutely our enemies.

Civil War v. Revolutionary War

I tried to classify our current war– is it more like the Revolutionary war or the Civil War? The Civil War is sometimes colloquially referred to as a war that pitted brother vs. brother, and I can personally attest that this war divides family members. But, even with division, we are not actually fighting each other, our hearts and minds are being fought over by others, the Globalists, those that would see a one-world government. In the end, along this timeline, we are all simply trophies and slaves.

The Revolutionary War did split some families and communities, to be sure, but for the most part we were fighting foreign powers not each other. Today’s war does not have such a defined enemy as “The British” or “The Crown,” but we are indeed fighting foreign powers that would rule over us. Or have they been ruling over us all along? Today’s enemies use the tactics of infiltration rather than invasion, just look at how easy it was for foreign powers to bribe the Biden crime family.

*Asterick note: With the state of the southern border, we may be in the invasion phase.

During the Revolutionary War the Patriots had to deal with Tories, those Colonists that were sympathetic, or loyal to the Crown. Today we have the Woke, that are sympathetic or loyal to the ideals of the Globalists that would rule over us. But we must take care that we don’t mistake our neighbor’s desire to be accepted with being Woke. Chances are, most of our neighbors that we may see as enemies are not Woke at all, they merely want acceptance from what they perceive as the majority of society, so they parrot to fit-in. Those neighbors are captured not Woke, and are not our enemy.

Fifth Generation War

While I can bring more similarities to the Revolutionary War to bear, the fact remains our current war is something altogether different than any war our history has seen. An invisible war against a silent enemy; a war of information and disinformation; a war against greed and lust for power; a war that utilizes technology and media as weapons. A new generation of warfare that General Flynn refers to as Fifth Generation Warfare, or ‘5GW‘.

In 5GW, our neighbor’s are not our enemies. Probably. There are exceptions. Neighbors that are members of the media, public school administrators, members of the California legislature, go by the name of Karen, or otherwise force wokeism on others, may indeed be enemies. Odds are, however, that our neighbors are simply captured by the legacy media into the false paradigm of Us vs. Them. These neighbors are simply in dire need of a red pill to bring them into reality, much like Neo in The Matrix.

Nice is the Red Pill

A red pill cannot be forced though, and chances are it will take many red pills to free those that are captured, so the first red pill counts heavily. The Globalists falsely portray those of us that are awake to our state of war as hateful conspiracy theorists, which of course is physiological projection. Our most effective red pill (weapon) against our Globalist-captured neighbors then, is simply to be nice. Smile.

My goal this 4th of July, and thereafter, is to be nice to those I might normally be suspicious of, and I encourage readers to do the same. A smile and an act of kindness is an underrated weapon in today’s warfare. We don’t need to be Rambo, own a .50 caliber weapon, or travel to Southeast Asia to rescue our Countrymen and women–a smile and kindness will go far. So, go out and watch Sound of Freedom today if you can, have a heightened sense of awareness, but be aware that your neighbors are probably not globalist human traffickers, so don’t scowl at them as if they were.

Be kind to everyone and smiles everyone, smiles. Happy 4th of July!

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