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Comment To DSUSD Board-February 21, 2023

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There were two public commenters at the most recent DSUSD school board meeting that we would like to highlight.

Jennifer, a mother of three DSUSD students, spoke to the board to bring attention to current California Legislation (AB 659) which will mandate the HPV vaccine for children in order to attend school. Jennifer, whose eldest child is 13 and has vaccine-induced Autism, warned that the stated reason for mandating the HPV vaccine is to prevent cervical cancer, yet one of the stated side effects of the vaccine is cervical cancer. The proposed legislation can be viewed here.

Jennifer urged parents to look into this proposed legislation and to contact their representatives regarding their views. If you don’t know who your California State Senator/Assemblymen are you can find out at the Riverside County Registrars website, just enter your information.

Another commenter, John Parker of Palm Desert, spoke to the district’s suicide prevention protocols. Parker shared his experiences and urged the district to include members of the “Faith Community” in their protocols, as a loving relationship with God (and music) is what gave him strength in his time of need. Parker also spoke to the terrible racially and societal divisive CRT/DEI curriculum.

Parker’s full comment is below and can also be found on his Substack.

I was able to observe the last meeting on line at the point when the suicide prevention presentation was taking place. This is a subject that resonated with me since I was that child. Of course there were no procedures and protocols in the 50’s. 

Separated from my Mother at 4 I found myself living in an abusive world until we were reunited at age 12. I have no recollection of those years but thankfully as a teen I found music and a very dramatic relationship with a loving God. However those paths diverged and I pursued a life in the music business where I found success for 40 years. If we had the time I would dispel you of the notion of white privilege in 5 minutes but that for another time.   

Today schools teach our children that the color of their skin is a determinative factor and we divide the races. Gender is fluid and with little to no life experience you can make life altering decisions and our team of mental health professionals, psychotropic drugs and surgeons will make that fantasy a reality. Schools and teachers openly discuss and promote sexual proclivities with minds not equipped to deal with the nuance and ramifications of those relationships and consequences of those actions. 

In order to develop suicide protocols you assembled a group of administrators, professionals, teachers and consultants. When the graph was shown with the statistics of incidents throughout the valley there were dramatic differences from city to city. Within those communities you have families of faith. My objective tonight is to suggest that in your protocols and procedures you include the faith community as a resource. 

I’m not qualified to suggest what that looks like but I can testify to the fact that reconnecting to a living and loving God should be a critical component to the health and wellbeing of our students.

The idea that the government, unions and committees that are driven by their ideologies and agendas are capable of solving an out of control problem that they created is unrealistic and while they might do some good around the edges the net result will be more of the same. 

Unfortunately the origins of the problems are political in nature creating open borders, radical social agendas, fiscal mismanagement with no consequences to those responsible for the destruction. Politics is downstream from culture and you only need to turn on TV, watch the news or consume what is offered as entertainment to see where part of the problem lies.

Again we all need to check our arrogance and sense of entitlement and return to the first principles that all successful societies are based on and make decisions that are truly in the best interest of those you are tasked to educate and protect, the children.

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