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CFER Conference: Last Chance For Early Bird Tickets

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The California For Equal Rights Foundation (CFER) is holding its second annual conference on August 12, in San Diego, and the early bird ticket price (1/2 off) ends tonight. Rush over to the CFER Conference registration page and register today!

Last years conference was full of education experts and was an absolute wealth of information; this year looks to top it. This is not a conference for just experts however, anyone that is concerned about the state of Education–activists, parents, concerned citizens– all are welcome and all can benefit. Come listen to the experts and those in the trenches fighting against the insidious curriculum invading our schools, ask them questions, and come away with new tools (hopefully) to push back against the current.

The Fight

This years conference “…will focus on connecting education experts and leaders with local activists and concerned parents who are fighting on the frontlines of America’s cultural war to improve education for our future generations. Speakers, panelists and participants will discuss strategy on how to expose, confront and fight against the invasion of woke ideologies in education and American public life.

The fight for our kids, and thus our Nation’s future, seems as endless as the war in Ukraine at times. And, make no mistake, we are at war. Battle fatigue is real. The best place to recharge to be our best fighting self, is among others that share our struggles. In addition, the people in the next foxhole over can be the best source of new weaponry and munitions. In other words, strategies and information, that we might be able to implement in our localities. This is often true of the panelists themselves, but the best connection you make could be the stranger sitting next to you.

Indeed, CFERS stated conference theme is:

Our hope is that the discussions and conversations at our conference will help all participants brainstorm on how to win the cultural war and motivate more to take action and advocate for changes. The event will also provide a platform to network, build connections and share knowledge on the best ways to keep fighting with strategy and consistency.

Speakers and Panelists

The keynote speaker at this years CFER Conference is Edward Blum, the President of Students For Fair Admissions. Featured speakers include representatives of organizations such as Pacific Legal Foundation, California Policy Center, and Parents Defending Education. Also represented are school boards, with five featured speakers coming from the ranks of past or current school board trustees. See the image below for the full list of speakers.

The CFER Conference is well worth the full price of admission, so don’t pass up this last opportunity for the early bird special. Hope to see you there.

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