Catholic Health Care, The Vatican, Give Nod to Trans Agenda.

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Brad Jones, over at the Epoch Times, covers a report from the Lepanto Institute which links the largest Catholic health care system in the U.S. to the Vatican. The health care system is CommonSpirit Health, and the report exposed them for “allegedly funded and performed transgender surgeries and other “gender-affirming” medical interventions, defying traditional Catholic teachings.”

More specifically, CommonSpirit was exposed for the “performance and funding of transgender surgeries and therapies,” including prescribing and providing cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to patients.”

In an accompanying video, the Lepanto Institute made the astute observation that the “transgender craze has seized the world by the throat and is choking the life out of the bedrock of civilization: the family. And this is happening right under the nose of the Vatican.

Read the full article at the Epoch Times.

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