A Practical Guide To Local Organizing: CFER Edition

The California For Equal Rights (CFER) Foundation held their 2nd Annual Conference last month in San Diego, California. The focus of this years Conference was “…on connecting education experts and leaders with local activists and concerned parents who are fighting on the front lines of America’s cultural war to improve education for our future generations. […]

Riverside Patriot Event: Local & State Candidate Forum Coming To 5 Rivers Cuisine

Devinderpal Bhullar, 5 Rivers Cuisine of India restaurant in Riverside is hosting a “Patriot Event” on September 12th, from 6 to 9 PM. The event’s featured speaker is Riverside County District Attorney, Mike Hestrin who will give an update on the Fentanyl situation. Also expect to hear a personal and tragic experience with the smuggled […]

CFER Conference: Last Chance For Early Bird Tickets

The California For Equal Rights Foundation (CFER) is holding its second annual conference on August 12, in San Diego, and the early bird ticket price (1/2 off) ends tonight. Rush over to the CFER Conference registration page and register today! Last years conference was full of education experts and was an absolute wealth of information; […]

Mini-Tyrant Gav Signals His Brownshirts to Hit School Board Trustee.

Update: H/T @MagaGrace TruthSocial California’s version of Justin Trudeau, wannabe mini-tyrant Gav “the man” Newsom, utilized his stochastic terrorism by dog-whistling for his Brownshirts to target a Southern California school board trustee. And why, pray tell, would Gav do such a thing? Why, because the trustee doesn’t agree with Gav’s satanic-driven agenda targeting the children […]