Did The CTA Willfully Defy Members By Not Opposing SB 274?

The Bills California Governor, “Gav the Man” Newsom, signed SB 274, which eliminates suspensions for willful defiance, truancy, and chronic tardiness, into law last week. The bill was rightfully criticized as being detrimental to classroom management, as it substitutes “restorative justice” therapy circles for actual accountability. Anyone who has ever been a parent knows that […]

Jim Jordan’s Epic Thread on Biden-Facebook Anti-Free Speech Collusion.

U.S. Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) released an epic thread on X (Twitter) today, detailing the collusion between foreign activists, the Biden White House, and Facebook (META) to deny American’s First Amendment right to free speech. Jordan dubbed the thread “THE FACEBOOK FILES PART 5. BIDEN WHITE HOUSE RELIED ON FOREIGN “DISINFO” ACTIVISTS TO PRESSURE FACEBOOK […]

California Pols Are Here, They’re Queer, And They’re Coming For Your Children

If the title of this article seems familiar to you, then you probably remember the alphabet mafia chanting a similar refrain during the month-long celebration of their own sexual deviancy. Aka, Pride Month–“We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re coming for your children,” the Trans-Cultists chanted. Looking at current California legislation and those pushing the bills […]

California Set To Criminalize Passionate Parents At School Board Meetings

The California State legislature is moving a bill through the legislative process that could very well criminalize passionate parents that speak up a school board meetings. Indeed, the law could apply to any passionate community partner that dares to voice a contrary opinion to the powers that be. The bill is “SB-596 School Employees: Protection,” […]

California County School Superintendents Giggity Over Gav’s Budget.

Gav’s Budget County level school superintendents throughout California are absolutely giggity over the new budget (Gav’s Budget) approved by Gavin “Gav the Man” Newsom. Specifically, superintendents are excited about SB114-Education Finance, which is the education omnibus budget trailer bill chaptered (signed) by the California Secretary of State on July 10, 2023. We know this from […]

Democrats Ignore Biden Crimes, Push Blue Anon Conspiracy Theories At House Oversight Hearing

True to form, and just as predicted by whistleblower Shapley, the democrats in today’s House Oversight committee hearing about the Biden criminal investigation completely ignored the evidence of Biden crimes and the DOJ/IRS/FBI corruption to cover those crimes. Instead, democrats spent nearly all of their pushing extreme blue anon conspiracy theories, fake news, and already […]

[WATCH] MTG: “Americans Support Impeachment”

United States House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), aka MTG, delivered remarks on the House floor this morning stating that Americans support Impeachment of Biden and his officials. Boy, that’s true. Articles of impeachment were against: US Attorney Matthew Graves at the Department of Justice, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Joe Biden, […]

Stranger Danger Part 2: Do Taxpayers Pay For California Children’s Trust Propaganda?

Background In the article “Stranger Danger: The Lefist Quest For Your Children’s Heart and Mind” last week, we discussed the origination of the “statewide initiative trust” organization, California Children’s Trust (CCT). CCT, whose stated goal is to have Medical provide mental health care for school children, which opens up a niche market, and access to […]

House “Mostly Peaceful” Hearing: A Video Shorts Story

The United States House of Representative held a hearing yesterday entitled “‘Mostly Peaceful’: Countering Left-Wing Organized Violence“. While extreme marxist democrats, and their witness, tried to deny the existence of left-wing extremist violence, predictably, it was obvious these people are just stupid. Here is the story in video shorts. Democrat witness: What are your qualifications? […]