Big Tech Are Big Election Cheats According To Testimony In Arizona

Dr. Robert Epstein testified to an Arizona House “Ad Hoc Committee on Oversight, Accountability, and Big Tech” yesterday. The Dr. is a renowned psychologist, professor, researcher and author. Epstein, a long-time democrat and Biden voter–though he referred to Biden as a “weak President“– testified that big tech, especially Google, out-cheats both voting machines and mail-in […]

Jim Jordan’s Epic Thread on Biden-Facebook Anti-Free Speech Collusion.

U.S. Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) released an epic thread on X (Twitter) today, detailing the collusion between foreign activists, the Biden White House, and Facebook (META) to deny American’s First Amendment right to free speech. Jordan dubbed the thread “THE FACEBOOK FILES PART 5. BIDEN WHITE HOUSE RELIED ON FOREIGN “DISINFO” ACTIVISTS TO PRESSURE FACEBOOK […]

California Set To Criminalize Passionate Parents At School Board Meetings

The California State legislature is moving a bill through the legislative process that could very well criminalize passionate parents that speak up a school board meetings. Indeed, the law could apply to any passionate community partner that dares to voice a contrary opinion to the powers that be. The bill is “SB-596 School Employees: Protection,” […]

California State Superintendent of Schools Escorted Out of School Board Meeting By Security

A large audience of parents and concerned community members cajoled California State Superintendent of Schools, Tony Thurmond, as he was ejected from a Chino Valley Unified School District meeting yesterday evening. Thurmond was present at the Chino, California school board meeting to speak against a new board policy that will require parents to be notified […]

RivCo Board Pulls Contract Amendment With Election Printer (Runbeck) From Agenda

Riverside County (RivCo) Board of Supervisors pulled an agenda item (#71, Action Item #22284) from the official agenda for today’s board meeting in Riverside, California. The agenda item was a contract amendment with election material and service provider Runbeck Election Services, out of Maricopa County, Arizona, to extend contractual services from June 2023, to July […]

California State Communists Intolerant Of First Openly Gay Presidential Cabinet Member.

California Democrats (Communists) in the State Legislature exhibited intolerance at the first openly gay Presidential cabinet member in U.S. history, Richard Grenell, in the State Senate yesterday. Grenell, who was being honored by California Republicans for pride month, served under President Trump as a Senate confirmed Ambassador to Germany and temporarily as the Director of […]