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California State Superintendent of Schools Escorted Out of School Board Meeting By Security

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A large audience of parents and concerned community members cajoled California State Superintendent of Schools, Tony Thurmond, as he was ejected from a Chino Valley Unified School District meeting yesterday evening. Thurmond was present at the Chino, California school board meeting to speak against a new board policy that will require parents to be notified if their child chooses a gender identity different from their biology.

Parental Rights Policy

The new policy can be found in the agenda from last night’s board meeting, and reads in part:

According to reports , the new policy, introduced as information at the board’s June meeting, would also:

“… notify parents in writing within three days after their child identifies as transgender, is involved in violence or talks about suicide. Under the policy, schools will notify parents if their child seeks to change their name or pronouns or asks for access to gender-based sports, bathrooms or changing rooms that do not match their assigned gender at birth.

California State Superintendent of Schools

Proponents of the new policy brought American Flags, wore T-shirts with “leave our kids alone” messages, and carried signs to support the non-sexualization of children. The community members, aware of Thurmond’s view that children should be exposed to sexualization outside of parents knowledge, were having none of it.

Thurmond spoke for his allotted one minute, but then got back up to speak more. When he did, he was greeted with jeers by a room jam-packed with community members in support of the new policy.

Thurmond informed the board that “the policy you consider tonight may not only fall outside of privacy laws but may put our students at risk.” That is gaslighting of course, as the new policy will undoubtedly protect children from activist teachers, counselors, and therapists that seek to indoctrinate students with gender ideology. Indoctrination that sees many children loaded on that pharma-train to horrid gender surgical centers.

Thurmond was ultimately escorted from the meeting by district security personnel for attempting to speak beyond his one minute. It is not known why Thurmond views himself as more privileged than actual community members, and thus should have more time to speak, but his actions show that he clearly does.

Board President, Sonja Shaw had Thurmond removed with the rejoinder “Tony Thurmond, I appreciate you being here, but we are here because of people like you.

Other Comments

California Attorney General Rob Bonta also got into the act, writing to the board his own view:

By allowing for the disclosure of a student’s gender identity without their consent, Chino Valley Unified School District’s suggested Parental Notification policy would strip them of their freedom, violate their autonomy, and potentially put them in a harmful situation.

And, what would a board meeting be without the local teacher’s union weighing in to support the grooming of children? Enter Chino Teachers Association President Brenda Walker to express, without evidence, that the policy would “divisive and unnecessary.”

Those that spoke in favor of the policy conveyed messages that show The People are done with the indoctrination:

“It is morally repugnant that they think parents shouldn’t be involved with their children,” Chino Valley school parent Nick Wilson said.

“We are here today because our kids are in danger,” parent Oscar Avila said. “Our kids are in danger from groomers.”

Lance Christensen, Thurmond’s opponent in the 2022 election, wrote to the Chino board in support of their policy change. Sanity.

California State Superintendent on Twitter

Citizen journalist Ford Fischer posted a video thread on Twitter documenting the occasion. Thurmond supporters were also present at the meeting. One supporter can be heard shouting threats at the Chino board members as they were set to approve the measure. The measure was approved by a 4-1 vote.

Is California Waking Up?

We are seeing signs that the tides in California may be slowly turning in favor of the parents and sanity. Communities are starting to wake up to the fact that schools have been indoctrinating and grooming children for years. Three years ago, school districts were denying that CRT and DEI concepts were being taught in schools. Before turning around and creating Administrator positions for DEI. When communities are able to wrest control of their school board from the teachers’ union control to end those practices, what happens? Well, the previous deniers then admit that those policies do exist, and they’re good! Oh, and they get attacked by the wannabe-tyrants, such as Gavin Newsom.

Keep working on those elections Californians! Take back your school boards, and use that power to end CRT and DEI policies. Rid your district of the administrators that suggested, implemented, and celebrated those policies. Rid your district of the school principals that equate the horrors of gender transitioning to “a nick-name change.” Get rid of the activist teachers, counselors, and “therapists” that seek to separate children from their families.

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