California State Communists Intolerant Of First Openly Gay Presidential Cabinet Member.

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California Democrats (Communists) in the State Legislature exhibited intolerance at the first openly gay Presidential cabinet member in U.S. history, Richard Grenell, in the State Senate yesterday. Grenell, who was being honored by California Republicans for pride month, served under President Trump as a Senate confirmed Ambassador to Germany and temporarily as the Director of National Intelligence.

According to a report in the propaganda outlet, Los Angeles Times, Grenell “was welcomed by Senate Minority Leader Sen. Brian Jones (R-Santee) and Republican Assemblymembers Bill Essayli of Corona, Tom Lackey of Palmdale and Greg Wallis of Bermuda Dunes.” Essayli is quoted as saying “Here in the Republican party, we celebrate individual achievements over identity politics,” and that they were honoring Grenell “for his incredible contributions to the state and nation through his extensive public service career.”

According to the report, Grenell “was protested by members of the state’s Democratic legislative majority, with several lawmakers quietly walking off the floor during the short ceremony.


The propaganda article attempted to denigrate Mr. Grenell’s selfless service by asserting that he “has repeatedly espoused right-wing disinformation and has called Trump “the most pro-gay president ever.” The propaganda piece does not specify what “right-wing disinformation” Grenell is guilty of espousing, nor does it provide any evidence of its claims, leaving the reader to guess. So, let’s guess.

Propagandists Hate Facts

Judging by the known stories the propaganda outlet does not cover (go look), the writer must have been referring to the millions of taxpayer dollars wasted by Congressional democrats on the Mueller investigation. Which of course, was based on the lies contained in the Steele Dossier–bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign without one verifiable fact.

Or perhaps the article was referring to Crossfire Hurricane, which saw Obama, Biden and their lackeys spy on their political opponent. Not just on the campaign either, they continued to spy once Trump became President in order to hamstring his term. Treason anyone?

Maybe the article was referring to Crossfire Razor when the same group decided to create a crime to take out Patriot General Flynn. Or the Hunter Biden laptop which the outlet claimed to be Russian “disinformation,” but which the Intelligence Communities has known was real for years. Or maybe the fact that the Biden Crime Family has accepted millions of dollars of bribes from America’s foreign adversaries.

Really it’s hard to say what the propaganda piece was referring to, so just chalk it up to “propagandists are gonna propaganda.”

Fake News

The article strangely tried to give credit for the “first openly gay President cabinet member” to Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete “I need two more months off” Buttigieg, by strangely claiming Grenell was never confirmed by the Senate. This is odd, because the confirmation hearing is really easy to find. But then, maybe the outlet just conveniently memory-holed the Federal Vacancies Reform Act.

Grenell thoroughly embarrassed the propagandist in a tweet calling the article out for being fake news.

Pedophile apologist and groomer-in-chief, State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), participated in the walk out “viewed the Grenell recognition as a direct response to drag activists honored in the Legislature earlier this month.” Wiener was referring to the Satanic cultists that call themselves “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” that he brought to the legislature to honor for their… satanism?

These guys were honored in the California State Senate by Sen. Wiener and the rest of the communists.

Cultists perform

Communists and Propagandists

Wiener, as regular readers know, is mostly responsible for leading the charge to groom children in schools. Wiener advocates for children as young as two to be put on a train for chemical castration and surgical mutilation. Yet, Wiener also holds that children’s brains are not developed in the areas of judgement and decision-making, thus should not be held accountable for their actions when it comes to discipline… or being a cop. Wiener also spearheads the efforts to take children away from their parents if the parents do not recognize their kid’s pretend world as real, and to kidnap children from parents in other states in order to surgically mutilate and chemically castrated them.

California is deep in the mire, and it was led there by the likes of communists like Wiener and their propaganda outlets like the Los Angeles Times. Who knows if California can crawl out of the mire, I like to hope so. One thing is certain, the communists deserve ridicule and the propagandists deserve to be ignored–we can hold them accountable once the rest of the State of California wakes the hell up from their media-induced coma. Fifth Generation warfare is real.

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