California GOP Taking Serious Heat Over Bylaws Changes

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The Change

The California GOP is taking some serious heat on social media for a proposed bylaws change in how primary delegates are awarded. Under the current system, all California delegates are awarded to the overall winner of the presidential primary, the bylaw change would award delegates to the second place winner as well. Some see the move as a way for the billionaire donor class to hurt Trump and help DeSantis in 2024. Thus setting up the desired Newsom v. DeSantis showdown in the 2024 election, which has been obvious since Newsom began stumping in Florida.

Harmeet Dhillon, of the California GOP, maintains that the rule change is necessary due to the democrat governor (Newsom) changing the primary date. Coincidentally, the primary date change brought California under a RNC rule that forces California GOP to change the way it awards delegates. Coincidence, or sloppiness to allow a democrat such control over internal party workings. Intentional?

The Arguments

A report by Sundance, credits Laura Loomer for exposing how the California GOP is doing the bidding of the RNC. In addition, the report posits that the RNC and DNC are private corporations “two private clubs, under the exclusive control of the billionaires who fund them.”

From Sundance:

The primary date in California was changed to Super Tuesday; as a consequence, the massive number of delegates that come from the populous state will be distributed proportionately, blocking the “winner take all” haul of Republican delegates that would elevate the main GOP nominee (Trump).

Sundance goes on to detail the information and interpretation from Loomer, and provides the documentation, as seen below.

[Laura Loomer] – Here is the EXCLUSIVE documentation I obtained which proves what I said below days ago regarding how the [California GOP], specifically CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson, Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel are trying to amend the bylaws regarding the Presidential delegation process in California as it relates to the RNC’s nomination of the 2024 GOP nominee.

Loomer went on to claim that the rule change was a way to hurt Trump and help DeSantis, due to the number of delegates California has.

This won’t be good for President Trump. The CAGOP is trying to amend the “winner take all” standard for the CA delegation process (which has been in place for years) so that they can award delegates to the GOP candidate who comes in second place as a way to counter delegate wins for President Trump in New Hampshire and Iowa since California has the most delegates out of any state in the country.

As I previously reported, this is a strategy by CAGOP to transfer delegates from President Trump and move them over to Ron DeSantis in an effort to undermine President Trump and hinder his chances of securing the GOP nomination for President. [House Speaker Kevin McCarthy works closely with Jessica Patterson whose name is on this document.

Loomer also named names.

“Jessica Patterson signed this proposed bylaw amendment, which was proposed by McCarthy lapdog Jessica Patterson, and signed by CA RNC national committee members Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel.

The CAGOP is set to vote on this bylaw amendment at their Executive Committee meeting on July 29th in Irvine, CA at the Irvine Marriott Hotel at 9:30 am.

Sundance argued that the move would give DeSantis a third of the California delegates even if he were to only win 5% of the vote.

Dhillon took to Twitter to argue against Loomer’s take, claiming it was the RNC rules and Newsom’s primary change that required the California GOP to take action. There is no explanation why the RNC would have such an odd rule that would dictate how a State awards votes based on the date of the primary.

The Big Picture

Sundance continues.

All of this is professional RNC obfuscation delivered under the guise of “plausible deniability”, which is part of the overall RNC corporate manipulation, which is driven by the hidden people who control the RNC – the billionaire donors.”

Sundance surmises with a big picture, namely that it’s a big club but we aren’t in it. The billionaires that control the two private corporations (political parties), that control the voting and election processes, are in the big club.

Sundance provided the following outline for the Trump dilemma that the billionaire class had, and has, and how they are hoping to get around it.

*The billionaires do not want Donald Trump.

*The billionaires control the RNC rules.

*The billionaires make the rules to design a plan.

*The RNC national rules are adopted.

*The states determine their election dates in accordance with the alignment of the national club.

*The distribution of delegates is contingent upon the dates and rules previously established.

*The people who control the state clubs, then carry plausible deniability to try and obfuscate their adherence to the private corporation design.

Change of Heart

Update: Dhillon reversed her position right before the publication of this article. In a statement Dhillon claims that she had time to do further research and found a way around the proportional vote. In a new post, Sundance credits Loomer’s persistence to shine light on the dark workings of the California GOP for Dhillon’s change of heart.

The updated statement from Dhillon is below. One thing should be clear to the laymen, and that is the existence of the Uniparty, as we have mentioned before here at Desert Truth. Both teams pretend to be on opposing sides, they put on a show in public, but behind closed doors they’ll all use the same travel agent to go visit Zelensky in Ukraine. Just take a look at Lindsey Graham. Don’t trust someone just because they have an R behind their name. Just take a look at Pastor Hawkins.

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