Trump with the flag
Trump with the flag

Breaking: Biden Indicts Trump to Deflect From Ukrainian Bribery. Corruption!

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President Trump took to Truth Social just an hour or so ago, to announce to the public that Ukrainian-Romanian-Russian-Chinese bribed asset, Joe Biden is indicting him (Trump). According to the real President (81 million votes my ass), he is to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on Tuesday.

It is no coincidence that the indictment announcement came on the same day as the House viewing strong evidence of Biden accepting a $5 million bribe from Ukrainian company, Burisma. There is no longer any such thing as coincidence, the democrats, rinos, and the media have made sure of that. Nor is it a coincidence that all evidence points to Trump obliterating the Crime Families in 2024 election… for the third time. Biden’s DoJ moves are nothing short of election interference. We know it, they know it, and they know we know it.

Every American can see the two-tiered justice system, rigged in favor of violent offenders and Antifa terrorists. We see the legacy media as the 1984-style propaganda it is. Well, most Americans do; most of the world does. The corruption is brazen and overt now, as if the defilers of the United States Constitution don’t even care if we see it or not. Or, is it panic that Americans see clearly now and have had enough? Remember, they’re really after us, Trump is just in the way.

The Truths (video can be viewed on click-through):

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