Big Tech Are Big Election Cheats According To Testimony In Arizona

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Dr. Robert Epstein testified to an Arizona House “Ad Hoc Committee on Oversight, Accountability, and Big Tech” yesterday. The Dr. is a renowned psychologist, professor, researcher and author. Epstein, a long-time democrat and Biden voter–though he referred to Biden as a “weak President“– testified that big tech, especially Google, out-cheats both voting machines and mail-in ballots/ballot harvesting in a big way. Furthermore, big tech is able to to control our elections, and our behavior at large, without anyone being the wiser–including ourselves.

Epstein testified that his study into Google manipulation began in 2012 out of curiosity into search results manipulation for businesses. That curiosity grew into closely monitoring the 2016, 2022, and 2024 elections. Epstein testified that his research produced the “most disturbing set of scientific facts that I’ve ever seen in my life.” Some may recognize Epstein from a recent appearance with Steve Bannon, or by his 2022 Epoch Times article entitled “How Google Stopped The Red Wave.” Epstein has numerous other articles in other publications as well.

Epstein’s first study showed that subject’s voting preferences could be changed up to 43% after just one Google-manipulated search result. That number jumped to 66% if the subject’s performed a second internet search that was also manipulated. Subjects were chosen on their undecided status and so the numbers are directly related to that largest chunk of American voter–independents/undecideds.

Ephemeral Experiences

In addition, Epstein testified that nobody would know that Google was manipulating voters because the evidence simply vanishes once seen by the user. These are referred to as “ephemeral experiences” by Epstein. These could include suggested search terms as you’re typing, search results, or even go vote reminders sent to some users but not others.

Over the last decade, Epstein has developed a methodology for capturing and and archiving ephemeral experiences from his subject’s (aka field agents) electronic devices with an installed monitoring system. The challenge was using real people that were not employed by Google. Epstein testified that Google has 16,000 consultants on hand that the company uses for such things as infiltrating studies. The use of real people is a necessity because Google bases their manipulation of us all on the data they have collected over the years, which is substantial. Three million pages of data on every person that has been using Google apps for 25 years in fact. Thus, a newly created sock account would not necessarily bring about any bias as there is no accumulated data.

Studies Over Time

Dr. Epstein testified to the methodologies of his studies, and how they have evolved over time. For instance, in 2016, Epstein’s study found that Google was able to shift 10 million voters to Hillary. Trump won that of course, but curious Hillary chose not to campaign in certain swing states. In 2020, Epstein had more than 1,700 field agents (whose devices were being monitored) in ten swing states, including Arizona.

The 2020 study produced 1.5 million archived searches and found Google shifted (manipulated) six million votes to Biden. So, Trump won. But we knew that.

In 2022, using 2,700 field agents and 2.25 million archived ephemeral experiences, Epstein found that tens of millions of votes were shifted. Specific to Arizona, Epstein testified that Kari Lake would have won “hands down… guaranteed”. Blake Masters would have also most likely won his race–not guaranteed, but probably.

Mind Control

Epstein further testified that while fraud exists in machines and mail-in ballots, big tech allows those stories to be amplified so nobody scrutinizes tech. Thousands of votes compared to tens of millions. “Like a magician,” Epstein described, big tech wants the public to look here, not there. Even a small ephemeral experience like democrats getting a go vote reminder, while conservatives don’t, could shift 450,000 votes to tech’s preferred candidate. Big tech, of course, is very aware of this and Epstein even referred to Google as “the biggest mind control machine ever.”

There are more than 11,000 field agents now and Epstein testified that having such a monitoring system in place for the 2024 elections (and primaries) is crucial to save our Republic, otherwise big tech will select for us through mass manipulation. Epstein predicts that up to 25 million votes will be shifted by big tech in 2024 if not monitored.

Can’t Touch This

According to Epstein Google brags about their power to “re-sequence human behavior”. Big tech also know that Democrats, though they pretend otherwise, won’t touch big tech. Big donations ensure that. There are also the never-Trump Republicans that will stand-by and allow the tech control… in order to own Trump. Dastardly.

There are also politicians that are simply afraid of big tech, they realize their private enterprises could be virtually shut-down by tech at a whim. YouTube and Facebook accounts could be demonetized. Business websites could be disappeared from search results. Not to mention shifting votes to opponents in the next election. These same fears prevent donations to Epstein’s monitoring systems from the private sector as well.

Big Tech: They’re Coming For The Children

A very disturbing portion of Epstein’s testimony was the fact that tech is coming for the children. All of the children. It matters not if the parents are liberal or conservative, tech is targeting kids for indoctrination. Epstein describes how this is done with videos by suggesting very disturbing videos as the “next up” in the viewing line-up. Google docs, which are used by millions of school children, also indoctrinates through word suggestions in docs and other methods. Watch below, the full video can be found here.

Keep in mind, as we discovered in Unity in The Garden of Good and Evil, and in this video, that big tech is mostly owned and controlled by the big institutional investors. Those investors being State Street, Vanguard, and Black Rock. Those entities are in turn controlled by the big Family Foundations–Rothschild, Du Pont, Rockefeller, Morgan, and Bush.

Can we Unite now? If not for our elections then for the children?

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