Bea Gonzalez Area 2 College of the Desert Board

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Gonzalez ran in 2020 with various endorsements, including Glenn Miller and Edwin Gomez. In fact campaign records show the most sizable donations came from democrat politicians (Eduardo Garcia, Manuel Perez Jr. etc. and organizations. Campaign website was a dead link with no archive hits. Facebook page remained up and active.

Bea seems to have a loyalty to Unions as she was a bargaining member of CSEA.


Bea has been involved in much drama during her tenure. This October 2022 article is about a parody COD website, belonging to the husband of the guy that ran against here, that criticized/mocked Bea and other Trustees. Another October 2022, this one an editorial, mocks CODs criticism of a “Watchdog” group “Promises made, Promises Broken” that also sent heat at the COD board.

In April of 2023, the watchdog group sponsored a billboard to shame Bea for her lack of loyalty to her constituency.

Bea also faced a recall movement in April of 2023, for her actions on the board, and verbal disdain for her constituents.

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