Another Win For “Conspiracy Theorist”: Wuhan Flu Deaths Caused by Protocols

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Remember that time that you went to your local school board meeting to tell them that their reactions to the Wuhan Flu were overblown and, instead of looking at your evidence, went to the local Gannet News propaganda outlet to smear you as a trouble maker and disclose your private medical information? I sure do! Many that braved public ridicule to bring forth the truth through the haze of propaganda were treated much the same. Well, now you owe those officials a great big “I told you so!” A study funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has found that “bacterial infections associated with ventilators may have caused most of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 among intubated patients,” according to a report by JustTheNews.

The Study

Findings from the study:

High rates of ventilator-associated pneumonia” in the COVID patients, “suggesting that bacterial super-infections such as VAP may contribute to mortality” credited to COVID, whose “relatively low mortality rate” would be “offset by a greater risk of death attributable to unresolving VAP.

“If unresolving episodes of VAP rather than the primary viral pneumonia contribute to mortality in a substantial fraction of patients with severe SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia, it might explain why therapies that attenuate the host response … are more effective when administered early in the clinical course, before patients are intubated and at risk for VAP.”

Remember when the powers that be (with their media propaganda machine) convinced your friends and loved ones to ridicule you when you advocated for therapies such as HCQ and Ivermectin, and then blocked access to such therapies? I sure do!

One analyst of the study concluded that the study “leads to the stunning potential that perhaps 58% of ‘COVID’ cases were respiratory issues other than COVID.” Talk about OVERBLOWN!

Remember when you were kicked off social media sites for sharing the 2008 Fauci study that showed the majority that died during the Spanish Flu didn’t die of the flu? Well, the study mentions that too.

The Northwestern paper cites Fauci’s 2008 paper on the “unexpectedly important” role of secondary bacterial infection in viral pneumonia deaths, based on autopsy samples from the 1918 influenza pandemic.” Though is does not mention the mass anti-viral injections given the the military by Pharma.

The kicker is, the data was on the CDC pages the entire time! All one had to do was look into the CDC data to see that the big killers in America were not killing anyone in 2020. Nobody caught, much less died from the flu–even traffic accidents were attributed to Covid.

This is at least some vindication for those that refused to wear harmful masks or submit to experimental clot shots–which many school districts are still pushing!

This should be a moment of reflection for anyone that ever tried to force someone else to wear a mask or purveyed the Biden inspired propaganda of “pandemic of the unvaccinated“, but it won’t. Those people see themselves as forward thinking heroes, and their ego will never allow for such self-reflection, otherwise they would have resigned from any position of power or leadership already.

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