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A Tale Of Two School Boards

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It was the best of times, for totalitarians in public office; it was the worst of times, for sane Patriotic Americans. It was the best of times, for school boards that would claim parental control over kids; it was the worst of times, for parents that didn’t want their children groomed and indoctrinated. It was the best of times, for school boards that would gleefully claim “we’re just following orders from the State”; it was the worst of times for school boards that would stand up for parental rights and against State indoctrination. Following is the tale of two California school boards–actually four school boards–and how they differ in the current Communist/Cult environment of the California State Legislature.

Changing Times

A little over a year ago, when knocking on doors to gather signatures for school board recall petitions, I realized something. A large percentage of the voting public had no idea what the school district’s policies (much less the State’s) were on transgenderism, parental rights, sex ed, and a host of other issues that have been created by the California legislative democrat super-majority during the last decade. But, once informed, befuddlement would quickly turn to disgust. The befuddlement was due to the disbelief that American government could actually groom children and usurp parental rights. Likewise for the disgust.

The good news is that times are-a-changing. Changing for the better, despite recent headline actions by the Governor, his lackeys, and the California legislature. Gratitude is due here for those brave souls that started speaking to school board meetings in 2020-2021. Those parents and community members brought serious issues to light, despite being harassed, gaslighted, and labeled domestic terrorists. Because of their actions, school boards in California are beginning to stand up to State tyranny, though most are still under teacher union control.

Common Sense School Boards

Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD) was the first to make the news in 2023. TVUSD was one of many California school boards that had parental advocates voted in over state-compliant trustees. Chino Valley Unified and Orange County are also making headlines for being the anvil to the State’s indoctrination and control hammer.

Temecula Valley rejected a State approved textbook that glorified a sexual pedophile and predator as an alphabet mafia (LGBTQIAJ++) hero. Part of a promise to end the teaching of CRT concepts in the district. Yet, for their efforts, Governor Newsom announced he would fine the district $1.5 million and enter into a contract with the publishing company on their behalf. Newsom’s actions demonstrate the State’s desire to maintain tyrannical control over local governments, their constituents, and their constituent’s children.

Chino Valley Unified received national attention for passing a policy that would notify parents if their child began identifying as a different gender. Read the policy on the district website. Newsom sent his Superintendent of California Schools, Tony Thurmond, to intimidate the board. Chino board president had Thurmond removed from that meeting, after he insisted his privilege allowed him to speak at will, unlike the rest of the public. As a result, California Attorney General and Newsom stooge, Rob Bonta, filed a lawsuit against Chino Unified.

The Communists Come Out

The latest district to attract attention for resolving to protect children from government sanctioned predators, is Orange Unified School District (OUSD) . OUSD also passed a policy to protect parental rights, in defiance of State orders. The activities at the OUSD meeting are especially significant for who turned out in support of state policy. Specifically, self-described communist revolutionaries. Which goes to show, what we’ve been saying all along, the State of California has become a Communist state all the way down to school districts. Why else would communists support state policies in an otherwise Representative Constitutional Republic? Watch:

Did you notice the policies that the communist speakers support? The very policies that the Newsom and the democrat super majority are cramming down the throats of Californians– the secretive usurpation of parental rights. In other words, the alphabet mafia’s LGBTQ agenda. Alphabet mafia because the “LGBTQ” moniker is constantly changing, adding letters and symbols. If that, combined with secrecy and threats of violence, isn’t a sure sign of a cult, then perhaps Scientology is in the clear.

Controlled School Board

Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) has been the subject of a few articles in the past. But, now we can continue with the “Practical Guide…,” since CVUSD responded to a Public Records Act request and released video of its August 10 meeting.

During the public comment portion of that August 10th meeting, community member John Parker, chose to address the board, as is his First Amendment right. In an appalling display of anti-civics, CVUSD trustee Joey Acuna Jr. berated and belittled Parker. Acuna attacked Parker for speaking, stereotyped Parker, expressed bigotry for his views. Furthermore, Acuna conveyed his support for secretive sexual transitioning of children and illegal immigrants over “Red, White, and Blue”.

The Accepted Narrative

So what triggered the diatribe from board trustee Acuna? What did Parker say that was so terrible? Was it that Parker identified as a “citizen advocate for children, “support[s] Christian values“? Perhaps Acuna took exception to the fact Parker recognized the board as “moral ethical people,” that “want the best for the children.” Or maybe Parker stating that “...if a child is born a male, it’s a boy, female it’s a girl,” got Acuna’s goat. Watch the edited clip of Parker below, the full video can be found on YouTube.

Only Acuna can attest to his true motive. But his reaction to Parker had all the signs of making an example. It is a localized version of the two-tiered system of “injustice,” as President Trump would say, that we see on a National level. Namely, if you don’t support the communist narrative, you will be targeted for public shaming. And, take note public, for this will be you if you choose to exercise your First Amendment rights by exhibiting civic participation that go against the narrative. These are the actions of petty totalitarian tyrants, whether you choose to call them communists or fascists.

Change the Tale

It is inconceivable that hundreds of district’s throughout California like CVUSD, could operate as they do under a bright light. The irony: Acuna states that ten people will not change his district’s policies, when only a handful of people implemented those policies. Implemented under the cover of darkness and made-up language. Need proof? Try asking them how many Gender Support Plans are in the district and how many parents know. Indeed, districts like CVUSD and trustees like Acuna, depend on darkness and secrecy to implement their communist agenda.

It goes back to the door knocking experience cited earlier. Consider that only a handful of citizens attend meetings. CVUSD’s YouTube page shows an additional 80 people, on average, watch the meetings. Eighty! The voting public has little idea what is going on in the schools, they are in the dark. So how to turn the lights on? Writing articles and creating videos will only help when the people that need to see them see them. Nobody is knocking on my door asking me what is going on. Is anyone knocking on your door? No, probably not. So, what to do?

*No Charles Dickens literature was seriously harmed during the production of this article.

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