A California Story: Inane People Create Inane Laws

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Have you ever wondered how California gets those inane laws that they have? There is an answer to that question, and I believe it is simple: inane people. Ridiculous, word-twisting, ego-driven, prevaricating people that are selected, installed, and left unchecked in the State Legislature, is why California has inane laws.

To demonstrate that point, let’s trace the life of a California bill, SB-596. California SB-596 purposes to make criminals out of parents that speak up at school board meetings, among other things, and is racing through the legislative process. Any bets on if Gavin would sign this bill, should it get that far?

State Senator Anthony Portantino

SB-596 drew it’s first breath of life in the Senate’s education committee on April 12, 2023, and it has been life in the fast lane ever since. California Senator Anthony Portatino (D-25th) is responsible for the inanity. Portantino hales from the party (democrats) that cured gerrymandering. Pause for eye-rolls. I know, this is California’s 25th Senatorial district.

Senator Portantino himself… well, are we really supposed to take a grown man that paints his fingernails like he is some kind of rainbow fairy seriously? Really?

On one hand, we must absolutely take Portantino, and his buddies like Senator Scott Wiener, seriously. The democrat super-majority have absolutely wrecked havoc on California. We cannot lose sight at the immense amount of power the lunatics have over the asylum. On the other hand, we should not shy from using Alinsky’s rule of ridicule against their ilk at every opportunity.

Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access

Portantino cites a study by the Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access (IDEA) as justification for his bill. IDEA is nestled in UCLA, but according to their websiteis supported entirely by extramural funding.” IDEA partnered with the Civic Engagement Research Group (CERG), housed at the University California Riverside, to release the study “The Chilling Role of Political Conflict in Blue, Purple, and Red Communities.”

What would be the odds that the authors of the study are just a group of ivory tower inhabitants, that designed a survey to prove their political ideologies, that are cited throughout the study? What are the chances, that if we delved into the funding, we would find questionable donors? Both schools did have strong Confucius Institute ties after all, and this reeks of Marxism.

We’ll leave the funding for another time, but let’s head over to the study written by John Rogers, Joseph Kahne, and seven of their best friends. Rogers represents UCLA, while Kahne represents UCR, and the other seven are students of some degree (excepting Ishimoto). Now, to the reference pages.

Before we go, place your bets! Will the authors use themselves as references, and do they have a political agenda? Are they ideologues?

Ivory Tower Ideologues

The authors of the study do indeed cite themselves in the references and works cited (notes section). In fact, Rogers, Ishimoto, and Kwako are shown to be authors of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) type papers. Kahne is cited three times himself, though with slightly less deranged titles. Of the other six authors, only Cicely appears in the references or notes. Speaking of the references and notes sections, they are filled with TDS, fake news, fake theories, misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation.

For another example of pure Marxist bias, take a gander at what Kahne and Rogers had to say in 2020 in this piece entitled “We Must Reclaim The Democratic Purpose of California Schools.” Kahne and Rogers mention the “spread of misinformation” without giving examples, but I would deduce that their definition is wildly different than ours. Kahne and Rogers take the racial injustice and climate change hoaxes seriously–they even blamed climate change for all the arsonists and forest mismanagement in 2020–what else do we need to know?

We should take note that in 2020, two years before the study that Portantino cites, Kahne and Rogers were advocating to use public schools to bring “a broader renewal of democracy.” Kahne and Rogers want mob-rule democracy, which is why you will never see them mention that we are a Constitutional Representative Republic.

Back to Portantino, from the point on, he talks about violence against teachers and administrators as fact, despite presenting no substantial evidence. Not just fact, but Portantino gives the impression that such threats of violence occur daily. Portantino also mentions the teachers that “brought this idea [the bill] to me.” More concerning, Portantino, and every democrat the bill encounters, will continue to use the misinformation/disinformation, presented by a biased study as fact.

In any case, the bill passed 5-2.


Senate Public Safety Committee

The next stop for SB-596 was the Senate Public Safety Committee on April 25, 2023. The bill faced it’s first real opposition in the Public Safety committee in the form of two moms. First mama bear pointed out the bill would criminalize parents for protecting their children. Both mama bears pointed out the bill would criminalize anyone that questioned school boards/administrators/teachers inside or outside of school. Second mama bear emphasized that SB 596 was connected to California’s propensity to kidnap children and put them in foster care.


State Senator Nancy Skinner demonstrated that she is more ridiculous than Portantino’s fingernails. The bill passes 4-1.

Senate Appropriations Committee

Inane California bill SB-596 next seeks to become an inane California law in the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 8, 2023. A couple of school board and teacher union representatives speak in favor of the bill, but it is quickly sent to the “suspense file” with a 7-0 vote. Ten days later the committee passes the bill on in a 5-2 vote.

The Senate Floor

May 12, 2023, sees SB-596 make an appearance on the Senate floor. Portantino once again cites “bad decorum” by the public justifying the bill. Once again, Portantino does not present any evidence and speaks as if the extremely Marxist-biased study is true. There is no debate or discussion and SB-596 passes in a 30-8 vote. Next stop, the California State Assembly.

State Assembly Education Committee

Just to remind us all of the utter ridiculousness, here is the sanctimonious Portantino and a masked duo letting us know that they take no pleasure in criminalizing us. There is a fair amount of questioning, and it is pointed out that the curriculum the democrats seek to protect is political in nature. I’d say more religious, like a cult.


State Assembly Public Safety Committee

On July 11, 2023, SB-596 chugs along in it’s bill-to-law process by appearing in the State Assembly’s Public Safety Committee. Portantino and his spirit nails once again appear to push the same bullshit stories, claiming they are “accurate history.” Once again, sensible parents show up to point out what the rest of sane America knows, only to be ignored.

Davis area mom, Alex Snyder, tried to point out why parents are upset and make the case that “words don’t change biology.” Snyder also brought in the book “This Book is Gay,” as an example of inappropriate curriculum. SB-596 would criminalize parents for speaking out about porn in their child’s classroom. Grooming that results in “parents being terrorized.”

Nicole Young, a mother of six, pointed out that democrat policies have only seen gender confusion issues rise. A fact supported by Desert Truth research. Young also pointed out that taking kids to drag shows and having them dance and/or tip dancers leads to chemical castration and surgical mutilation at gender surgical clinics.


And what did they get for their efforts, besides a 6-0 vote to pass the bill on? Nothing, they were completely ignored. The chair of the committee recognized instead, the need for “decorum” at school board meetings. The chair does not point out that decorum is already handled. I have been kicked out of a school board meeting, along with Dan Ball and everyone else there that night, but it didn’t make us criminals. Tony Thurmond was not a criminal when he was tossed from a Chino Unified school board meeting for being a pompous bully. Seems kicking people out of meetings is already a tool for calming meetings down.


The Hard Facts

The hard facts are, the moms were right, SB-596 is just another piece of the California legislative infrastructure. An infrastructure built to criminalize parents, kidnap children, and place innocent kids in activist foster facilities. All for the sake of the Cult of the Alphabet Mafia. SB-596 is designed to shield all school employees from criticism anywhere. Keep in mind, many teachers live in the community where they teach. This bill would allow those teachers to say anything they wanted if you encountered them say in the supermarket. Disagree, go to jail. Where do your kids go? Right, foster care. But, SB 407 would only allow alphabet mafia cult activists to become foster caregivers. That’s another story.

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