A Practical Guide To Local Organizing: CFER Edition

The California For Equal Rights (CFER) Foundation held their 2nd Annual Conference last month in San Diego, California. The focus of this years Conference was “…on connecting education experts and leaders with local activists and concerned parents who are fighting on the front lines of America’s cultural war to improve education for our future generations. […]

Big Tech Are Big Election Cheats According To Testimony In Arizona

Dr. Robert Epstein testified to an Arizona House “Ad Hoc Committee on Oversight, Accountability, and Big Tech” yesterday. The Dr. is a renowned psychologist, professor, researcher and author. Epstein, a long-time democrat and Biden voter–though he referred to Biden as a “weak President“– testified that big tech, especially Google, out-cheats both voting machines and mail-in […]

Jim Jordan’s Epic Thread on Biden-Facebook Anti-Free Speech Collusion.

U.S. Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) released an epic thread on X (Twitter) today, detailing the collusion between foreign activists, the Biden White House, and Facebook (META) to deny American’s First Amendment right to free speech. Jordan dubbed the thread “THE FACEBOOK FILES PART 5. BIDEN WHITE HOUSE RELIED ON FOREIGN “DISINFO” ACTIVISTS TO PRESSURE FACEBOOK […]