Patriot Bytes #4

Today’s topic is Missouri v. Biden, which can found at Courtlistener. Today’s material are selected posts from a very thorough thread by Tracy Baez (Truth Social or on Twitter) of UncoverDC. The linked threads are still being updated as there is a hearing tomorrow.

Poll Shows Most Americans Know the MSM Are Liars

Journalist Glenn Greenwald took to twitter over the weekend and broke down how a Harris-Harvard poll “conclusively demonstrates” that the “liberal corporate media” are not aligned with American’s views. Greenwald stated that the media suppresses American’s views: “It’s not just that corporate media rejects Americans’ views. They don’t permit those views to be heard.” For […]

[WATCH] MTG: “Americans Support Impeachment”

United States House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), aka MTG, delivered remarks on the House floor this morning stating that Americans support Impeachment of Biden and his officials. Boy, that’s true. Articles of impeachment were against: US Attorney Matthew Graves at the Department of Justice, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Joe Biden, […]

Stranger Danger Part 2: Do Taxpayers Pay For California Children’s Trust Propaganda?

Background In the article “Stranger Danger: The Lefist Quest For Your Children’s Heart and Mind” last week, we discussed the origination of the “statewide initiative trust” organization, California Children’s Trust (CCT). CCT, whose stated goal is to have Medical provide mental health care for school children, which opens up a niche market, and access to […]

Stranger Danger! The Leftist Quest For Your Children’s Hearts and Minds

Background Earlier this week, Desert Truth previewed the Desert Sands school board meeting and discovered a strange presentation from an organization called California Children’s Trust (CCT). CCT’s has a five year plan to “re-imagine” and transform mental health care for children in California. Translation: CCT wants to transform the way mental health care is “financed” […]

House “Mostly Peaceful” Hearing: A Video Shorts Story

The United States House of Representative held a hearing yesterday entitled “‘Mostly Peaceful’: Countering Left-Wing Organized Violence“. While extreme marxist democrats, and their witness, tried to deny the existence of left-wing extremist violence, predictably, it was obvious these people are just stupid. Here is the story in video shorts. Democrat witness: What are your qualifications? […]